LEO Tokenomics

HiveCoffee update - You Can Do It!

I started the @HiveCoffee account when Hive launched a year ago because I have @SteemCoffee and moved the 33 HIVE worth of Steem from that…

You can do it! - HiveCoffee live August 30 2021

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Just a quick update for you, it has already been more than a year and I have

Another Day & Another Call

Every now and then I like to stop by the ol' LeoFinance watering hole and quench my thirsty for some TA. The 2 cybercoins I have been…

48 Hours of Selling

Logic would have it, that 7 days after a price peak, comes the sells of those who powered down as a reaction to the price peak. Not the…

New HiveCoffee Logo

I made this coffee cup a while back, and I was playing with the Hive gears today. Can you see the HBD Green and HIVE Red outlines? I…