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Coin Review episode 5: 007 James Bond silver bar

What is going on everybody SilverGoldHunter here and sorry for the delay due to my current laptop which is in for repairs so I basically…

"Vote Me on Twitter" Contest - Coyote League Bonus Challenge + SPS Giveaway + LEO Awards + HIVE Awards

This post can also be read in Portuguese Hello friends! I'm here to announce a mini contest, in fact this article is a call for…

The Reality Of Hive Price

Me when I saw the price of Hive this morning: Me when I remembered that I can't sell because it'll take weeks to unstake my Hive:…

My first experience with Defi was not great - More questions than answers.

But that happened probably because I'm a newbie and I didn't have a lot of patience to go slow. Yesterday I transferred about 20 dollars…

Sunday's Winner

Apologies for the delay in posting this week. As you are probably aware there have been a lot of issues with Hive nodes that have affected…

Time Is Ticking For A Huge Move For Bitcoin ! Market Analysis

We've done our price prediction in bitcoin the market for your bitcoin we were still expecting a market price in bitcoin to go higher.…


Hello Splinterland warriors! How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine here is another post about the Splinterlands game in…

#154 Report Curation / Reporte de curación for LeoFinance [EN/ ES]

This image has been created in CANVA Welcome | Bienvenidos ![line2.png](

Saved from a deep mess-My hive Story

When i joined the hive blockchain recently after hearing about it couple of months ago from a friend. I had the mindset that I’d be…

Splinterlands and what i should do next?

Hello everyone i haven't posted in awhile because i've been lazy but today i got some good news to share. Recently splinterlands has rose…


Hello Fellows! How are you all. Today I was in home again because i have nothing to do so I woke up at 11 am in the morning and did my…

The princess Warrior itself, Beatrix Ironhand - Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge

Hi folks from the Splinterlands, I really hope you are enjoying this crazy times! Everything connected to Splinterlands seems pure gold…

Bitcoin is now trading around the top of the ~$30k-$40k

#Bitcoin is now trading around the top of the ~$30k-$40k zone where almost 20% of its supply last moved. Looks like the accumulation is…

Now is the right time to convert Hive to HBD

For people who have been waiting to invest on HBD to get a flat 10% interest for investment, I would say today is a good time to do it.…

#Hive is being pumped for all the price action of #SPS in #splinterlan ...

#Hive is being pumped for all the price action of #SPS in #splinterlands. This is exactly why a base protocol needs to help and even…

IAAC for 29th July 2021 - Go Hive go

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Market report and covid19 rambling. ▶️ [3Speak](

Proofofbrain Biggest Daily Closing During This Run ! Next Target 🎯 Price Is 50 cents

We saw market price go higher it's just that easy this is how you're able to get out the way the price changes we play the strength we…

Airdrop တို့ရယူထားသမျှ ( Henry Aung )

မင်္ဂလာပါ။ ယနေ့ကတော့ နံနက်စောစောစီးစီး Hive ဈေးရုတ်တရက်ခုန်တက်သွားသဖြင့် ဘာရယ်မဟုတ် ခဏတာတော့ ပျော်ခွင့်ရသွားခဲ့ပါသည်။ BTC အတက်ကြောင့် Hive…

Fanta Crypto con CarmySpecial!

Ciao Amici!

Rising Star Game: been a long time again.... lets choose 3 more winners .. and another new giveaway

Hello Community Another 3 winners.... Music Promoter actually uses alot of my starbits but I want to continue the give away. Lets…