LEO Tokenomics

Token Burns Can Destroy Value

Most people in crypto incorrectly assume that destroying tokens automatically equates to a higher token price. After all, supply and…

You don't have to know how it works 99% of the time.

That's the beauty of technology. You don't have to know how running water works. You don't have to know how your car works. You don't…

Scrambling to get rich quickly is ironically the thing making you poor.

Stop being greedy. Just stop. Stop putting so much money into random defi yield farms (a little is fine). Stop margin/leverage trading…

Magitek Fire & Lightning: INFINITE LIQUIDITY!

Liquidity is one of the most important things in an economy. Like an engine without oil, an economy without liquidity will seize up and…

Cruel Mistress!

As of right now, many users feel betrayed by the crypto market. Many of these users are new and jumped on the whole Doge/Musk train so…

PowerDown Debacle

Lot's of people are talking about changing the rules of the powerdown once again. Lot's of talk about 4 weeks vs 13 weeks. Lot's of talk…

Magitek: The definition of a smart contract is dumb.

The only thing that makes a smart contract is simply an inefficient database that multiple nodes validate within the network. This is the

X-Wing: Scaling Down and Taking Shortcuts

Everyone in crypto seems to want to scale up. More transactions, higher throughput, bigger networks that capture a higher market share.…

Witnesses as Oracles: Vastly Underutilized Resource

A big part of the project I'm trying to build right now DEPENDS on the witness price feed. While we are trappe

The last time BTC was $30k: Hive was ___ cents.

On January 27th 2021, Bitcoin bottomed at $30,444. Hive was worth... 13.3 cents Hm. So still x2.7 higher than 4 months ago.…

Proof-of-Burn: Black-Hole >> White-Hole Tech

If you are building on Hive (I am) and you trust Hive consensus (I do) then there is no reason to not employ [proof-of-burn mechanics](

Oracle Consensus & Burn Tokenomics

Don't wanna spend too much time on Hive/LEO today... Been working pretty hard on my database. I've come to realize that what I've been

Magitek Tokenomics

It's a bit premature for me to be talking about this stuff way before any of it is ready, but whatever. Need to get back to work and this…

AMM Deep Dive

Up until today I was very worried that I had [bitten off more than I could chew with the current project I'm working on.](

Floating point math is the devil!

Programming exercise: Head on over to Type in: console.log(0.1 * 125)

Magitek Schedules: Infinite Loop

Old habits die hard. It's easy to get stuck in loops during life. Some of those loops might be simp

Odds & Ends

There's just a bunch of random things I'd like to say. Let's get started. First off we all need to be worried about a…

I think I'm going to quit my job soon.

After losing like $200k on paper and still having over $100k magic-internet-money left... still making thousands a month on my blog posts…