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Struggling To Save For Retirement

Americans on average have been found to have about $62k in savings, but there are other surveys that place it a lot lower. Some have found…

Ragnarok and SPK Network News

It was an eventful weekend for anyone waiting for the Ragnarok game or the SPK Network in the Hive ecosystem. SPK Network - LARYNX Power…

Why Liquidity For Hive Means More Exposure To The Crypto Market!!

Imagine a world full of Hive tokens being used everyday as a form of payment. Seems farfetched doesn't it. Well maybe it is in the real…

1 open position available for LBI content team

Hello LBIer's. It's that time again to try and grow our content team. We recently added @l337m45732 and he has been pumping out great…

Elongate: Musk paid 250K to a flight attendant to cover sexual harassment, said he will vote Republican from now on, wants to back off Twitter deal because of bots 😂

Mittlerweile haben wir den perfekten Elon Musk-Skandal, der nach eigenem Wunsch Elongate genannt wird. Zunächst hat Musk ziemlich…

Christine Lagarde criticized cryptocurrencies again

Cryptocurrencies continue to be criticized due to the disasters in fixed coins. In the last news I read, Christine Lagarde, President…

Crypto VC Thoughts: Defense Crypto Investment Methods

Crypto investment is very risky because you have no control over its development and do not have enough information to determine its

Jobs & Opportunities in the Crypto Space. Are You Ready?

I ve written about it again. Opportunities are everywhere around us. But we need to know what we want, so that we can create the…

Bitcoin Pizza Day | Where It All Began

Did you know someone bought 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC in 2010?

The 'monkeypox' virus is spreading in Germany as well.

The 'monkeypox' virus is spreading in Germany as well. There is a new virus alert in Germany. Nowadays, when everyone needs to pay…

Spinvest's Weekly Report | Year 3 | Week 1

Hello, SPIer's. Today is Sunday and we end the SPI week with our weekly dividend payment this evening and every Sunday at 21.00 GMT.…

Crypto VC Thoughts: Debunk Bitcoin Myths

Bitcoin isn't the best asset class 🥇 in the world. However, it is a hope that people uphold to yet to prove if it will become true 🤨.…

Great News For Litecoin Holders!!! LTC Dropped At Significant Support With Bullish divergence | LTC

▶️ Watch on 3Speak You can also support my work at Patreon for more ideas: h

Ethereum Devs Optimistic About The Merge Before August’s Difficulty Bomb

(Source) Evening So, Ethereum community now has a new date. The much awaited Ethereum network transition f

FREECHAIN - teaser trailer // Hive Documentary film

Image Source Thanks to @lordbutterfly, who posted a post that you can view. They have already done 3 interviews with famous cr

The guy that crashed cryptocurrency... Terra Luna

The entire background of this situation and how one company ended up crashing all of cryptocurrency.... There is absolutely nothing that…

Finanzielle Intelligenz :Was passiert, wenn die nächste Stablecoin-Bombe platzt?/ Financial intelligence :What happens when the next stablecoin bomb bursts?

Terra Luna ist implodiert , die Auswirkungen hat jeder Kryptoenthusiast zu spüren bekommen. Aber was passiert wenn Tether Implodiert…

NFT Guide for Beginners

How do you make use of NFTs? If you're new to the software, you might not know where to begin or what commands accomplish what. This cheat…

Crypto VC Thoughts: The Death of Terra

If you witnessed how the Terra collapsed, it would be similar to any Defi projects. So it is unsustainable if you really take a deep look…

Ethereum 2.0 (The Official Merge of Blockchains) Launch in AUGUST!?

"Stars are aligned" Says Ethereum Foundation Team Member... Speaking at the Permissionless 2022 Conference this week in Florida…