LEO Tokenomics

1 oz Silver Round - Dogecoin Round

I have been getting a kick out of the crypto inspired rounds. I decided to pick up some doge coin aka 1 oz Silver Dogecoin Rounds…

📊 Daily Twitter Data Reports as of October 18, 2021 🚀 3,281 hive tweets of the day 🚀

Our Daily Reports in all the tweets related to #Hive, hope you will enjoy what you see here as we are trying to boost Hive's popularity…

Fan Art Text Dividers - Chaos Legion Splinterlands Theme ( Free to use to decorate your posts )

Hello there, summoners. How are you doing? Did you enjoy the excitement of receiving vouchers? Yes, the Chaos Legion has begun, and…

Season challenge: Playing with a spellbook and 1K+ DEC

Recently, there has been a lot of commotion about how you can't play Splinterlands without investing a ton. While I am quite sure that…

The Quests are Here in the dCrops Game

So I noticed the other day that Quests were available in the game. I had already started my winter plantings, so I had to t

What do you need to change in your life to be happy?

I can tell you I am happy and you will believe it. The evidence is clear, and it's written in my smiles, my laughter, my joyous…


KIMONO is a traditional Japanese dress. Literally KI which means to use, and MONO which means OBJECT. Today's kimono is shaped like the…

Architecture+Design Community Contest: Let's Talk Architecture - Museo de Barquisimeto and the Dean of Arts. | Hablemos de Arquitectura - Museo de Barquisimeto y Decanato de artes | [ENG-ENG]

Let's analyze

City Racers:The Game Whitepaper - Telos Blockchain Backed Arcade Car Racing Mobile Game To Be Released Soon : C++ Blockchain & Backend Developer Needed

Hello Hivers, I wish to inform you all that my City Racers Game Has just been funded by the Telos Network due to the fact that my worker…


There is a common saying amongst my peer groups when it comes to finance and investment. it goes thus, "if you must save, save in a…

Tips To Be Rich.

8 things that change your life in one year. Stop complaining and appreciate little things every day. Do something for your future…


Source 18 billion Shiba last year worth $1.85 is now $450,000. Oya plac

LKP's Axie Log #29: Thoughts on the 800 MMR Update + Steam's NFT Gaming Ban

Hello there everyone! Axie Infinity Version 1.1.0a Update So it's been three days since the newest and arguably one of the most…

18.10.2021 - Most interesting staking DeFi TODAY

Today I want to share with you some interesting staking DeFi opportunities on BINANCE exchange. ![IMG_20211018_084319_765.jpg](

About getting SPS token from staking...!

Hello!Good morning! I have to go SPS airdrop link and I need to claim a small amount of SPS tokens. I need to claim SPS tokens at…

A La Liga special

Hey football lovers, La Liga was back this weekend and it certainly made a big pop, All may not be well between la Liga and La Liga…

The dance of the tribes.

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Envato Elements](

NEAR Protocol - Infrastructure for Innovation and Saving Environment

Do you know how much it hurts the environment when you send or ask to transfer crypto to your account? Maybe you are not paying attention…

Platypus-Dundee's Weekly Curation Post

Welcome again to my weekly top 5 curation, where 75% of SPT is devided amoung the selected posts. This week I will also select one of the…