LEO Tokenomics

The best crypto for quick profit in December - be careful, this is not financial advice!

Are you in need of money before Christmas? Does it sound nice to purchase a crypto that might increase at least 50% in value before…

Next Ohm Fork to watch - Vesq (maybe also the last Ohm fork I’d do)

Hey how are you all doing? Enjoying that juicy Hive pump? Great. It’s been an insane year, I’d have thought that bsc meme seaso

Olympus DAO (OHM) price update

Introduction Today I'm discussing the price of OHM, the token of the Olympus DAO protocol. Price update OHM is at a long-term support…

Introduction to PolyCUB Platform Mechanics | DeFi 2.0, xPOLYCUB, Bonding & $1M+ Airdrop to CUB

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this clip from Friday's AMA, we gave

Why don't OlympusDAO and all the forks peg the token price to the Dollar?

I remember the first time I heard about OlympusDAO. It was just crazy, and I was convinced that it was a scam in some kind of way. How…

Missed out on OHM and TIME? Hurry before you miss Spartacus

At this point we've had a roughly ~$200 stable coin in Spartacus for two weeks. Our community is vocal and active, people actually vote…

RomeDao is so sick, whitelist 1500 DAI -> 75000 over night

The "only Olympus authorised fork" narrative seems to play out, whitelist presalers that got allocation of 75 aRome (for 1500 DAI at 20…

Você conhece o DeFi 2.0?

A grande novidade do momento na DeFi é o surgimento dos tokens, ou mais tecnicamente, dos protocolos que detêm a sua própria liquidez.…