LEO Tokenomics

Putin backs Crypto mining despite Russia Central bank proposal of banning crypto mining

Hello lovely people of HIVE community. Hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good health and spirit. Bearish crypto market needs…

Working sucks

I consider myself to be a lazy clown even though I go to work everyday, do the normal daily chores, and other stuff that requires effort.…

Hive Listed in BitBNS Indian exchange through Quick-Swap

Exchange listing is an important part of any coin in the crypto space and listing on more exchanges means more volume and this is good for…

Home Grown Honey

I bought my first mobile phone back in 2002, that's two decades ago, it was a Nokia 3310, used but in good shape and at that time, wearing…

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Is It For The Benefit Of All?

Source So many countries have come up with the idea of introducing digital currencies an

Simplifying And Understanding The Hive Layer 2 - The Engine Of Hive

A lot of people seem to be confused by Layer-2 solutions. What the heck is Layer-2 . Is it like the Nutella over a bre

Buying a Virtual Land in BSC the First Time

I did it! I missed Decentraland, I missed Splinterlands land sale... and much much more... But for the first time, I actually own a…

The Fed meeting was just the calm before the storm.

Hi all... Today the most awaited meeting of the year took place, the meeting that could make the markets fall or lift. Although I was…

Boatlily || Pinch Flower

Original photo by @saifuddin73

More Attention on Stable Coins in 2022

Investment is not just about putting money on something that gives a good return instead there are many tips and tricks that we need to…

SPS - Future Of Token & My Goals

With the airdrop a little bit over halfway through, I wanted to talk about the SPS Token. The current times seem very cold with the hold…

Fresh silver under way!

Look at these beauties I just ordered: 20 Escudos 1952, Mozambique - 10.00 g (.720) 50 Cents 1966, Australia - 13.28 g…

20 Chaos Legion pack opening!

Legendary: 1 Epic : 5 common : 66 Rare :28 Gold foil common : 6 20 pack value : 46.29$ 20 pack cost (HE) : 62$ Let's see what we…

The Bitcoin Roar. Who's Gonna Feed This Beast?

There's going to be a war on Bitcoin and there's nothing you were thinking of. This time we're talking the war over supremacy in Bitcoin…

My First encounter with Tribaldex Blog

Tribaldex.blog i was scrolling through my hive feed when i came across a content posted by @belemo ta

Wrong Post. Iam sorry

Iam sorry, Wrong post

When the IMF says "please stop"... You're on the Right path

The International Monetary Fund wants El Salvador to remove Bitcoin as a legal tender. Imagine how scared are the OG Status Quo lizards…

Musk wants Mcdonald's to accept Doge coin payment

Tesla owner Elon Musk is the world no 1 billionaire of the world. He has great influence not only in buisness world but also in crypto…

Crypto Market Cap Lost $1 Trillion in this Crash

Hello and Namaste Everyone The Crypto market has not been doing well this month and we have seen it dropping where leading coins like…

Noobs, Beware the Dunning-Kruger Effect!

My new favorite random concept to drop into whatever conversation I happen to be having is the Dunning-Kruger effect. Ironically, I am…