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Daily Leofinance stats of June 17, 2021

This blog contains an overview of the blogs and users that received the most votes and comments yesterday. I've also included the total…

Dear Mr. Cuban here’s why you should invest in Cubfinance.

To: Mark Cuban, c/o Twitter From: Shortsegments, a crypto blogger and investor, via Twitter Dear Mr. Cuban, I read your article…

It looks like fud is over for now

Do you see any recent Bitcoin fud? With Recent, i mean last 48h, because in crypto things faster. I don't see any. More and more…

Travel the World of Postage Stamps - Hungarian Goldsmiths' Art - Communion cup of György Rákóczy I, 1670 - Hungary 1970 - Michel Hungary 2630A - my hobby

Travel the World of Postage Stamps - Hungarian Goldsmiths' Art - Communion cup of György Rákóczy I, 1670 - Hungary 1970 - Michel Hungary…

India is growing Crypto marketplace for Exchanges

India is one of the countries that has been considered one of the bigger marketplaces for the world. Companies from many industries eye…

New CUB Future Price Speculation Market

Ok I've tried this a few times now and unfortunately I kept winning. I feel like the price found a pretty hard bottom around 50 cents and…

Is this the level of support expected from Celsius Network? - School boy error follow-up!

Probably I know the story and you've seen the School boy error: How to lose $300 article, when silly me won $250 from the Ditto Meme…

Attracting traffic to Leofinance - Report 11

Hello everyone... In this report number 11, I managed to get varied and interesting content, although like many here my day has be

Cable TV or Streaming Channel? Make Your Choice.

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Gadget Freeks](

[ESP-ENG] Tag del Optimismo: Persistir para vencer - Optimism Tag: Persist to Win

Hoy he decidido unirme a la dinámica de @canelarecetas, en la cual debemos responder una serie de preguntas desde la perspectiva…

Procrastinating is what keeps you from being successful

Procrastination is one of the most common problems in the day to day of many people who want to undertake a project, or some task. You may…

how to calculate with javascript metode Output #4

Good afternoon hive friends, today we are going to share knowledge about making a simple calculator from javascript where we input the…

Blockster Airdrop!

So, there is this new crypto social media/blogging platform called Blockster. After a quick look around, I think they share many…

Quickest and best way to make money in crypto (Solana + Shiba)

Video Guide: 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:11 Documenting Bitcoin 00:01:03 Memecoins 00:02:08 #Shiba chart 00:02:24 binDAO 00:03:51 Morgan…

¿Qué le paso al Hive y HBD? / What happened to Hive and HBD? (ESP/ENG)


ETH outperforms BTC during first 6 months

Current crypto global cpaitalization is 1,570 Billion USD. Interestingly top two coins share is 62.3% of market share. This reveals the…

The Exotic lifestyle of Bitcoin, "NOT", A children's bedtime story.

Bitcoin now lives an #Exotic lifestlye of the rich and famous with expensive tastes and glamorous luxuries, while surrounded by…

Playing with SAND WORM : This deadly creature will take you down before you know it

What's up Splinterland Lovers! I hope you all enjoying Splinterlands! **This

Missione Giornaliera di Splinterlands e considerazioni varie...

Mi stanno girando le palle di brutto per una questione che si sta trascinando da troppo tempo su un altro sito, come adoro Hive, dove…

How Much Bitcoin Should Someone Own?