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How Many Chaos Legion Packs Will You Get?

I have seen a lot of disagreement over whether or not the voucher system being employed for the newest Splinterlands card pack

SplinterLands:: Simple Steps to Send VOUCHER tokens from HIVE-engine to SplinterLands Game...

Hey All; I'll directly come to the topic and in this post will share simple steps that should help you send your VOUCHERS token…

Splinterlands Featuring In A Story About NFT Gaming

Cointelegraph ran a story on blockchain games and Splinterlands and Hive were mentioned and Jesse Reich a.k.a. aggroed on Hive was…

Tägliche Quest bei Splinterlands erledigt und viele DEC bekommen

Hallo Splinterlands Gamer. Ich habe gerade meine tägliche Quest bei dem Spiel Splinterlands gemacht. Dieses mal habe ich auch noch…

What are you going to do with Vouchers ?

After SPS tokens airdrop Chaos Legion was another hype that has created a lot of action in the gaming space almost everyone was either…

Earth Team Gets Much Stronger With Swamp Thing and Brownie

My daily quest today was the earth element. I don't have any NFT cards other than playable cards for beginners in earth element. That's…

Speculating on Splinterlands - Bought My First Pack of Chaos-Legion

Today I got my first pack of Chaos Legion cards! And I did it in the most classical, straight forward way: by waiting for the…

Mein 1. Video über Splinterlands auf YouTube..

.. habe ich gestern veröffentlicht. 🙂 Ich bin gespannt wie es ankommt, bisher habe ich ausschließlich Videos über Aktien erstellt.…

Splinterlands - Daily Rewards Results (10.18.21)

I think I caught a break today as my daily quest is water splinter. My favorite splinter besides dragon and likely a strong collection of…

Building a Budget Silver Level Life Deck for ~ $1700

The Life Splinter is all about shields, and with the right rule set that debuffs magic attacks a decent Life Splinter can be tough to…


My first entry for this weekly share your battle challenge. For this challenge I choose the dragon, the splinter is DARIA DRAGONSCALE.…

Today sneak quest attack

Hello to all game lovers What I did in SPLINTERLANDS game today is a sneak quest. When playing sneak quests, I usually choose Lyanna…

My Plan for the Chaos Legion Pre-Sale Event

The Chaos Legion Vouchers have finally dropped! It's currently day 2 and we are starting to see a decrease in value of the vou

My DC NFT: Diana of Themyscira - Untamed Jungle 4Xz

My My how forgetful. As most of you already know and probably even participated yourselves, DC recently launched an NFT project. Sign…

The NFT industry is beyond premium JPEGS

I don't know if it's a comical flaw or design in the nature of the universe but for some reason, less informed humans tend to be the loudest

My splinterlands challenge from $ 0 to $ 100,000 in 365 days. Day 27

Day 27 of the Splinterlands challenge from $ 0 to $ 100,000 in 365. Yesterday was a busy day in my life that left me very little time…

The value of my Splinterlands card collection went above $880 USD! (2021.10.19)

Yes. More than $880 USD. The title of this post is not a typo. This is crazy. More than $880 USD. The current value of my Splinterlands…

500 DEC Challenge (Day 3 Update)

ECR is now at 100%, time to farm those DEC. Rentals My rental strategy today is to build teams with the highest bonus DEC a

CryptoBrewMaster NFT Giveaway - Prizes, NFTs, and CBM!

Hello everyone! My names Choof and i've been having a lot of fun with CryptoBrewMasters and decided to run a giveaway! You can learn…

SPLINTERLANDS:Daily chest rewards 10/19/21(silver rank II)

#splinterlands Watch guys thanks!