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Closest To The Pin Contest! This Week - Twitter! 📊📈📉

Closest To The Pin Contest! This Week - Twitter (TWTR) Bitcoin contest closes today In 13.5 hours, if you haven’t guessed go for i

Use the Dip to Collect Cash (PGR)

Stock Market Dips Present Option Trading Opportunities Selling put options is a great way to generate income and solid annualized…

Starting to put my cash to work in Stock and Crypto Markets!

Hi HODLers, I have had a lot of cash on the sidelines. I had my little project in cryptocurrencies for a while but a lot of the money…

[Stock market] The stock market is behaving like a shitcoin.

Discussion With the recent disastrous decline in prices of Hive . We can see that people with "diamond hands" leaving the market but…

Patrick Boyle: Musk Twitter takeover "temporarily on hold" over concerns about number of bot/spam accounts 😂 Will the deal go through?

Noch ein witziges Video von Patrick Boyle zum Twitter-Takeover. Britischer Humor 😂 Musk hat die Übernahme auf Eis gelegt mit der…

Market Afternoon Check In! Just some short thoughts 📈📉📊

Just using Mana & Chainlink as examples. Can use Nasdaq or bitcoin also but these charts are more extreme so using for example. I see…

TIB: Today I Bought (and Sold) - An Investors Journal #602 - eSports Gaming, Uranium, Internet Services, Europe, Consumer Electronics, US Treasuries, Nasdaq Index, Altcoins (LUNA, POLYCUB)

Another week to stay out of the markets. Did get assigned on one stock which put pressure on cash levels requiring some selling on the…

Bulls and Bears Square Off- Buffett Buys as Analysts Predict Recession

Works Cited Pixabay The markets are at an inflection poi

28 Point Miss On The NY Fed’s Manufacturing Index! (Market clips and talk)

Recession Is Here my friends Won’t be official yet but it’s here friends I’d bet anyone anything on it…. CNBC Clip and my quick take⬇

Forget the stock market

That's what you just read. Forget the stock market. Keeping track of stock prices is useless. Except to lose money. Imagine that you…

3 Aktien für April 2022 - Blackrock - Siemens - Caretrust REIT

▶️ Watch on 3Speak 3 Aktien für April 2022 - Blackrock - Siemen

Do not follow recommended stock portfolio

Hello, people from all world. I write this text for people who buy stocks focusing on the long term. Be the p

Cannabis Stocks

Hello evryoneI have been looking into Cannabis companies trying to pick out the long term winners. Many of the larger companies don't look…

Don't invest your money all at once. Make constant purchases

Hello people, I would like to write this text for people who invest money in stocks A lot of people get into the stock market completely…

Why you want long term financial charts with trend lines; 1,039 days.

What you'll find below are charts I created for you to see the value of keeping long term charts updated with support and resistance trend…

Hockey Stick: The 3 parts of the chart pattern 🏒 with bonus chart

Yes hockey fans there is a chart pattern named after the hockey stick. Unlike the one made by William "Dilly" Moffatt from sugar maple…

Dwindling Nickel Supply: Is There a Buying Opportunity?

The recent surge of oil prices has once again fuelled the push for alternative energy solutions in regards to transportation. One of the…

APE Price Live Data

The live ApeCoin price today is $11,25 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $2.152.414.165 USD. We update our APE to USD price in…

Catching A Falling Knife - My Foray Into The MOEX

A strategy that has served me well the last few years took a turn for the worse in the last 24 hours. As we know, the FED and other…

Governments can seize your money, stocks will crash 60%, shortage of f ...

Governments can seize your money, stocks will crash 60%, shortage of food coming - Todd Horwitz #stocks #marketcrash #government…