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Focus Stock of the Week (ATKR)

Help Electrify the World with this Company Global leaders want more electricity running the world and less fossil fuels. This is…

Baseline Aggregate Investing-I'm Going to Blow Your Mind!

If you want to make money investing, this is a MUST read. I'm not sure you're ready for this, but I have to write it to show you what I…

Indian Stock Market in RED


Synthetic Stocks and Farming on Mirror (TERRA), and how to reach it from HIVE.

A couple of week ago, I introduced the Anchor protocol from the TERRA blockchain. You can find this post [here](

What Does Pfizer and Facebook Have in Common?

This morning my partner said she thinks there's a pro vax algorithm on Facebook that is pushing certain "news" stories into her feed. With…

Buy Cannabis Stonks

It is time to buy marijuana. This is a chart of the small exchanges, s420. The s420 is a cannabis future, that contains a bunch of…

Bitcoin (BTC) Hits A New ATH at $66,600. What's Next for Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) reached an all-time high of $66,600 today after the start of Bitcoin futures ETF trading yesterday. The…

Interest Rates are expected to rise in 2022, How would a interest rate spike affect the United States?

Hello Everyone, my name is ForsakenSushi!! I come from the tribe of Splintertalk but Id like to expand on the hive blogging network…


Hi Friends, The markets struggled in Q3 and the beginning of October, but things are picking up where they left off in the first half of…

Dow Jones Next Movement Please

The Dow Jones sets an alarm signal The situation on the US stock market can be described as wait-and-see. It does not really

Too Slow

Hi Friends, Over the weekend, i went to Dutch Bros coffee and got a delicious drink - the Double Torture: It was delicious of…

Follow or not to follow?

When it comes to saving in stocks and mutual funds, there are many indications that the best insurance is to buy the stock and then stop…

Space and Crypto...the new investment solution?

source Crypto analysts suggest that we should no longer focus on a specific stock market, such as EVs stocks, but rather on what seems…


So guys today i ll br sharing my INDIAN STOCK MARKET PORTFOLIO with you guys, where i have bought stocks of more than 15 Companies. My…

Börsenrückblick September 2021 / Stock Market Review September 2021 [GER/ENG]

[GER] Der Markt geht nicht zurück, er nimmt nur Anlauf.. 😎 So oder so ähnlich könnte man die vergangenen turbulenten (Börsen)-Wochen…

Its been a min since you heard from us

Over the last couple of weeks we have been setting up our helium network. Its been a tough trial and error getting our routers set up and…

Crypto Withdrawals Coming To Robinhood?

One of the major issues that I have always had with the Robinhood app is the lack of ability to move the cryptocurrency assets that you…

Focus Stock of the Week (VNOM)

Oil Price at Seven Year High Oil has had a crazy decade plus. From super high prices in 2008 with experts predicting $200 per barrel to…

Concept. September 28, 2021. What is a Melt-Up?

According to Investopedia , a melt-up is a sustained and unexpected imp

Bought Some BABA

Well, actually I bought the stock on the HK exchange directly rather than the ADR listed on the NYSE. I believe the main difference…