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Digital infrastructure could limit blockchain adoption

Conocer la penetración de internet en diversos países y los métodos mediante los cuales re

Tesla and Hertz: Electric Car Rental Market Gets a Big Boost

Hertz just placed an order for 100k Teslas in an effort to shake up the rental car market. Fresh out of bankruptcy this is the largest…

Technology: What it takes to create a Universe in a lab?

Scientists ruminate what happened before the big bang, if there was one , but nobody knows. Even Einstein took upon that topic. There is…

(JaiChai) Creating this animated .gif on my cheap smartphone

Here's the finished animated .gif entitled: Jai the Knife, "You're Mine!" The following was performed on my cheap smartphone and…

XXII Virtuelles DACH Meetup - Sonntag 07.11.2021 20:00

Hallo Freunde, zwei Wochen noch und wir sind auf dem nächsten digitalen DACH Meetup. Wie immer am ersten Sonntag im Monat. Gut zum…

#cryptoreport - A Weekly Overview About The Most Important News

The calendar week 42 was a very wild ride in t

MintGreen Will Provide Bitcoin Heat To North Vancouver

source Winter is coming. It is getting cooler he

Amara's law: "We tend to overestimate the effect of a #technology in t ...

Amara's law: "We tend to overestimate the effect of a #technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run," Roy…

#bitcoin may be the TCP/IP of #money – Paul Buchheit #crypto #quote ...

#bitcoin may be the TCP/IP of #money – Paul Buchheit #crypto #quotes #cryptocurrency #technology #politics #leofinance #hbd Posted…

Ethereum breaks its all-time high.

Source Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this valuable com

(JaiChai) For you youngsters drooling over the 2021 "DUNE"...

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Technology: internet apocalypse, racist AI, internet privacy

The Internet apocalypse announced in the news did not happen. We still have internet and apart from some glitches, life is back to normal.…

Do you think AI is really helping to fight the war against mis/disinformation? 🤔

I want to use both terms here: misinformation and disinformation . Let's just all first get on the same page: misinformation is…

(Jaichai) Childhood, A Tape Recorder and My Father...

(image by Woman's Day) Childhood, A Tape Recorder and My Father... When I was a young boy

A movie-worthy robbery: The danger of artificial intelligences.

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Programadores Brasil](

(JaiChai) Back to the Future?

Just got this notification. However, notice how it says that I got it "52 years ago"! Lol! Talk about "Back to the…

The Creators of the Metaverse

This afternoon a near-no-coiner friend of mine sent me a link to listen to called, Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps - the…

Enjin Wallet - How to Get Multiple Free NFTs

heyyyy Guess what?! You made it through another week. It's Friday baby. You know what that means? Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy…

Is BITCOIN a world changer or a deep state honeypot in disguise?

I warmly enjoy reading zerohedge articles and their comments, it reminds me about legacy social media, where it seems that everyone has…