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NBA Topshot: A good investment?

Few weeks back I was told by a friend about NBA Topshot and their digital cards. NBA Topshot is a joint venture by NBA and Dapper Labs.…

An other day, an other sh*tcoin: Internet Computer

An other day, an other sh*tcoin! Here we go again. An other day, an other coin jumping on the 5th place of CoinMarketCap a day (!?)…

Dog fight: Shiba Inu

An other day, an other sh*tcoin! Up on place number #19 of coin market cap within 24h at the time of writing this. The new Reddit…

Putting money in Bullshit - YOLO

Nachdem das mit Spliterlands so gut geklappt hat und ich die anderen Zockereien übersprungen hab, war es mal wieder an der Zeit Geld zum…

Cinco De Mayo Weed Market Wednesday- YOLO ETF Overview - US House Passes Cannabis Banking Bill

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Hope you all are having a good day! I am ch

My worst crypto decisions EVER

This is not a post, this is a confession of an impatient man. I've made some good decisions in life, in particular with my professional…