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The talk about digital currency lately has become a hot topic for review. Moreover, this digital currency also has a fantastic price or exchange rate. These high prices routinely soar every year, so that many people also invest in long-term investments in one of these digital currencies. Call it Bitcoin, the price per unit reached hundreds of millions recently, even though a few years ago the price of Bitcoin was very cheap on the digital market.

Bitcoin turned out to be obtained quite easily by using the method of minning or the term is mined. Because it is a digital currency, mining methods also use digital tools and sophisticated technology. To be able to mine or minning Bitcoin and with expensive electricity costs

Technology does not stand still. Although chaos reigns in the financial sector, the Internet has its own electronic currency. Moreover, not tens, but hundreds, thousands of cryptocurrencies … Modern technology is something, a lot of useful things come from nowhere and helps us in life. It is hard to imagine that there were no smartphones 15–20 years ago. People called only on fixed “city” phones. Today everything has changed. Cryptocurrency is another technology that can change our world for the better. This concept appeared several years ago. However, the technology has proven to be very useful and in demand in various fields. From daily payments to data protection. The functioning of cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology. All this information is stored on various devices that participate in this system, and anyone can become a member of this system (something like a torrent when downloading information). Information about such a payment can be displayed on all devices (data is synchronized via the Internet), so it’s almost impossible to crack such a system. The advantages of developing projects in this system are obvious. Digital currencies are created, applied without external and internal management, they do not have central management. Transactions on the blockchain are performed anonymously using a special key; completed transactions, transactions cannot be canceled. Information about cryptocurrency is presented in the form of a continuous chain of blocks, the last of which stores data from a previously valid block, which ensures network continuity. Currently, there are many opportunities to capitalize on the potential of various types of tokens built on the blockchain. The usefulness of tokens has significantly increased and improved over the past year, and since blockchain is increasingly being introduced into the financial sector, it is natural that companies and investors are looking for ways to use it that will benefit them for many years. ARC IRIS Hydrogen Mining also keeps pace with the times … It is a multi-faceted blockchain-based ecosystem, the first mining project in the world that protects the environment thanks to its unique energy concept, thanks to which bitcoin mining not only highly profitable, but also uses the power of nature.


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Arc Iris presents an innovative and disruptive model for successfully resolving environmental issues related to cryptocurrency mining. This solution, which is a by-product of structured water, is split into hydrogen and oxygen. Using the fuel cell technology developed by the team, it is now possible to drastically reduce the share of external electricity demand and, accordingly, the external costs of it. This led to the concept of equipping cryptocurrency server farms with fuel cells. Arc Iris Development Inc. creates energy-efficient cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining using hydrogen technology. The project team uses sophisticated cloud mining methods to create mechanisms that will enable everyone to become a cryptocurrency miner. Cloud mining offers the benefits of cryptocurrency mining without the support of any mining equipment. Arc Iris optimized vertical integration along the value chain to achieve better operational results and efficiency in asset management and cryptocurrency operations. Arc Iris intends to use the latest blockchain technology and green practices to create a sustainable organization. Since hydrogen energy is becoming relatively cheaper, for large crypto miners there will be an economical driver for switching to mining of hydrogen. Since cryptocurrency mining is largely determined by electricity prices, therefore, hydrogen energy has great potential to make crypto mining more accessible and profitable.


The Arc Iris Hydrogen ecosystem is the place where you can do whatever you want with the Arc Iris Hydrogen blockchain. It will allow you to mine, will have a decentralized coin exchange (DEX) and the base currency Arc Iris Hydrogen (ACI). Coin Arc Iris Hydrogen (ACI) is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. Coin ACI Coin has its own Arc Iris Hydrogen platform and uses the Scrypt POW algorithm. This makes ACI-Coin as safe as possible. This coin is used as a payment method in various projects, including a mining farm, distribution of water treatment plants and medical hydrogen equipment. All contracts and bonuses in these projects are paid in ACI coins.
Benefits of ACI COIN:

Active contribution to environmental protection
Use in several projects as a coin of loyalty
Fast-growing community around the world
For use in existing payment systems
Fast and secure transactions around the world
Secure Multi-Currency HD Wallet
Profitable mining through the use of ACI coins


The ACI coin will be used when making payments and in cashback programs in various projects related to water treatment systems and hydrogen technology. With its fast-growing community and diverse activities, the ACI coin will grow rapidly in value.

Below are the details of ICO


Coin distribution


How will the funds be used


ARC-IRIS also has its own decentralized multi-currency wallet, which provides uninterrupted service (private keys are stored only by users for maximum security), but also supports a paper wallet. Its launch is scheduled for January 2020
To date, the team is following the planned project development schedule

The core team consists of experienced industry experts in the field of data centers, cryptocurrencies and reputable financial experts with many years of experience.

After the full formation of the program, you have the opportunity to remain a member of the project and receive part of the company’s profits, as an ACI coin holder. All this makes Arc Iris attractive!


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