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Brothers and Sisters

Welcome to the church.

Last night I worked the night shift at Amazon SMF5 just like any other Saturday.

Guess what awaited me behind the turnstiles?

A god-damned processing station for taking everyone's temperature.
I might take a picture of it tonight.
This shit is insulting.

Behind a makeshift plastic barricade stands someone from operations with a temperature gun. I'm a tall guy. I'm now expected on entering to bend over more than a foot and bow down to a tiny hole in the plastic so my temp can be taken before I'm allowed inside.

I'm not one to make waves or single myself out...

But I am seriously considering not consenting to this bull shit 'medical procedure' based on 'religious grounds'. They don't know I'm an atheist. Even though they'll know I'm being full of shit it should still give them pause. If they ask me what religion I plan on telling them they've already broken the law by asking the question. I don't know if that's true or not, but it sounds true, and it's not something they are going to press until they've talked to the corporate lawyers and know for sure. There's a good chance they won't even want to deal with it and let me pass.

If they continue to press the issue, I'm considering telling them I want a signed document from operations that states this 'medical crisis' supersedes my religious freedom to deny medical testing. There's about a zero percent chance I'd ever receive such a document, but I guess that's kind of the point.

"Let's get everyone to occupy the same space! SMART!"

It's bad enough that I have to force my way through the turnstiles without using my hands, but now they want me to put my fucking face next to a piece of plastic that every other person in the building is going to put their face next to? This is how you stop the spread of a virus? Are they fucking serious?


I feel like I'm being processed like an animal. Maybe that's being over-dramatic, but it seems like they escalate the situation more and more as time goes by. Where does it end?

Again, I'll point out that staying six feet away from others has never been sound advice in the past for avoiding the spread of disease. This whole six feet bullshit could easily be the precursor to targeting groups in public and martial law.

You can't flatten a curve that isn't there.

The medical facilities in my town (and many others) are completely dead. The entire justification for shutting down the economy was to flatten the curve. However, in order to flatten the curve, there needs to be a curve to flatten. Shutting down the economy in places that haven't had any kind of significant outbreak makes no sense in the context of the story being force-fed down our throats. What the actual fuck is going on right now?

I find these airport-like theatrics extremely troubling.

I just asked my girlfriend about the numbers so far, and she says Solano County only has 80 cases, of which only 20 are active. Does this sound like a pandemic that requires the entire economy to be shut down? The fact that we are blanket shutting down entire states should be a huge red flag (or is that black flag). When the reopen the economy the numbers will spike in all the areas that haven't had significant outbreak. By their own logic, they are acting like idiots.


I dyed my hair blue!

My girlfriend has been begging to dye my hair blue for months. So weird that the day I let her I get accosted by this processing station and put myself in an awkward position of singling myself out even further. Perhaps now is the time for extremes.


The way I see it, the situation can only escalate from here. This country was founded on religious freedom, and we may find ourselves navigating those loopholes to avoid forced medical procedures during these uncertain times from authorities that unfortunately can't be trusted.

I'm not an antivaxxer or anything, but it looks like an untrustworthy authority is about to start forcing citizens in mass to inject a clear liquid into their bodies. You don't need to be an anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist to have a problem with that. To make the claim that unvaccinated people somehow pose a threat to those that have been vaccinated is absurd and a clear sign that something is going on behind the veil.

The way this is turning out is all very strange. It looks like the world is already finding cures for this weird virus that aren't even vaccines, yet the FDA stands opposed to those solutions. What is their angle? Probably the same angle as they've always had: profits for pharmaceutical companies using patents. Hopefully it isn't more sinister than that.

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Sadly true...And as long as sock puppets without brain exits, it will be very easy for them. Remember that the government without media and cops are nothing but a bunch of assholes. If I don't respect an unfair law it isn't the politician that punishes me, but is the cop that do it.
p.s fuck da police

Not surprised they are taking steps to prove they are proactive given the stories headlines recently that Covid is running rampant in Amazon warehouses. It's a PR nightmare for Mr. Bezos if he doesn't pretend to fight this. So many are shitting their britches because the media tells them they should be that it will impact orders if people are afraid those of you handling their packages are coughing Covid infected phlegm on their orders.

Good luck with the blue hair thing. There was a time when I would have laughed at it, but now just envious that you have enough hair worth turning blue.

Indeed, there is a bunch of stuff I would had laughed at years ago but now I'm just like... hm... nothing makes sense anymore. Anything goes.

Also the blue is very dark at the moment and sometimes it almost looks like a natural dark color in low light. I have a lot of grey hair (went grey really early) and it's been a few years since I've dyed it. Figured might as well be a color that isn't boring.

You consider having your temperature taken an actual medical procedure?

What would you call it?
The only reason to take a temperature is 100% medical.

You're setting yourself up for a fail if you think not consenting to have your temp taken. Your fake religious objection won't supersede your need to keep your job. That's if you enjoy working for Bezos World in the first place.

So you don't answer my question and then assume I would get fired for not letting them take my temp? You've got all the answers.

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