Breaking news - top Chinese tycoon defects and reveals China’s end game to take over the world

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One of the most powerful men in China has just defected and sought asylum in America. His life is being threatened and some of his associates have disappeared, like the head of Interpol. He revealed a dire warning to the world in a chilling interview held in an airplane hanger in some undisclosed location in Texas. The rumors of China’s desire to take over the world are nothing new but they may be more urgent than we realize.
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One serious concern is that most of the Bitcoin in the world is mined in China. The government already dominates the Bitcoin industry through two major mining pools there. They are also going into a digital Chinese fiat currency, as are many other countries in time. All of this will lead to more control over our money as citizens, as well as monitoring.

What will happen to Bitcoin if China decides to make a move on the world stage to claim power from America and the dollar? What is going to happen if this leads to a hot war? We already have a trade war and cyber war. The war is on and China is the enemy at the gates of western “democracy” and “capitalism”. And they mine most of the Bitcoin. They are definitely not going to allow free access to Bitcoin, but will aim to dominate and control it in a centralized way. At least the mining of it. It won’t take them much to facilitate a 51% attack on the Bitcoin blockchain. They have the mining power to do it. These are very uncertain times for Bitcoin because the world is on the way to war with China and mining is in their hands. I don’t have any answers but I do have some more information about their imminent takeover.

In something that sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster spy thriller, a Youtube video appeared with Guo Wengui also known as known as “Miles Kwok,” who is a top millionaire businessman in China, revealing the intentions of the CCP the Communist party of China.

Kwok revealed some truly important information about the urgency of the imminent take over of the world by China. Their top mission today is to take down the dollar and usurp its position. He has personally become an enemy of the Chinese government and wants to take them down. They are, according to him, the biggest Mafia in the world. America, he warned, is too naive to believe the CCP. Kwok has defected as they are out to assassinate him, having tried already. He is one of the top enemies of China today. Political asylum is his current status in America as a result.

The world now is in a very dangerous situation he says, from the CCP. He has been warning us for a year already. And things have come to a head. It looks like war is on already, has already started behind the scenes. And will not stop until China wins. There is no peace on the cards. There will only be war in our future. That is the reality now it seems. Followed by totalitarian, neo-feudalist dictatorship by a corrupt elite.

He tried to speak out a year ago already but the Chinese threatened his hosts and he was thwarted. China has a plan to make America weak, to basically kill American hegemony, to destabilize the country, and literally “kill America”. That is it. It’s all going down. You can’t trust a single thing China says as a government. The recent death of the chairman of top insurance firm HNA in Provence, France a few months ago, was a hit. He was assassinated by the Chinese government.

“Chinese conglomerate HNA Group Co-Chairman Wang Jian died during a business trip in France on July 3 in what local police said appeared to be an accidental fall from a wall while posing for a photograph. Wang, 57, is regarded as the architect of an eye-popping $50 billion acquisition spree that saw HNA accumulate assets ranging from a stake in Deutsche Bank AG to high-profile overseas properties. Under pressure from Beijing, HNA has since sold off many of those assets to slash debt.”

The Chinese government is a massive Mafia, he says, that are taking over all profits from their top businessmen and dictating as only they know how. There is no sentimentality. We westerners are too soft. These guys are ruthless and they plan to take over more of their top businessmen and their assets. You my have heard of Jack Ma, head of Alibaba. Well he is next. The top Chinese businessmen are being taken out, and next is the entire city of Hong Kong.

So the Chinese government has taken out the head of Interpol, the top police agency on the planet. He is gone, arrested by the Chinese Government. Here is the Wikipedia report:

“Meng landed in China on 25 September. The same day Meng sent his wife Grace an emoji of a knife, suggesting that he was in danger. The Hong Kong newspaper, reported that Meng had been taken away for questioning by "discipline authorities" on his arrival in China.
On 4 October, Mrs. Meng reported her husband missing to the French police. She was given police protection after being threatened by phone and Internet. Mrs. Meng is now an asylum-seeker in France.
On 6 October, Interpol officially demanded to know Meng's status from the Chinese government who announced that Meng was being investigated for allegedly taking bribes. Meng was also accused of "willfulness", which public administration experts say might indicate that he "may not have strictly toed the party lines".
Interpol also received Meng's letter of resignation, with immediate effect
On 27 March 2019, Meng was expelled from the Communist Party and removed from all posts,
On April 2019, Meng's wife sues Interpol for failing to assist her at the Permanent Court of Arbitration.
On 24 April 2019, a statement by the government said that prosecutors "decided to arrest Meng Hongwei on suspicion of accepting bribes".
On 20 June 2019, Meng has pleaded guilty for accepting bribes over 14.5 million yuan or $2.11 million dollars.”

I doubt we will ever see the ex-head of Interpol again. Secondly, as mentioned, they have assassinated one of the richest tycoons in the country, who has shareholdings in Deutsche bank. And thirdly they are on a path to crush Hong Kong. Their mainland currency is failing, for the same reasons the dollar is failing – money printing. The economy is hugely over inflated, it’s a big bubble, an illusion, propped up by more paper money that even America. And the government members are corruptly laundering their takings through the Hong Kong dollar, which is pegged to the USD.

However, as we see in the protest and revolution in Hong Kong now, things are hotting up there and China will not stop until they have total control of Hong Kong. There is no two ways about it. This is the end game. Life on earth is changing, power is shifting. China will not be playing fair, and will play dirtier than America, who is the naive, soft one in the equation. China is ruthless. And the takeover is under way.

China has no compassion for their people, we have seen that already. They spend less on them than other countries do generally. Their human rights record speaks for itself, and they have paid off the insider informants in every little town and village to inform on dissidents in the neighbourhoods. It is like the old days of Mao or Stalin, informants in every street, you can trust no one, even in your own family.

This is a truly dark prophesy but Kwok went on to reveal that Jack Ma, mentioned here is another target of the Chinese government.
“Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba will leave his position as company chairman on Sept 10, 2019”

He hands over power in two weeks. Apparently his life is also in danger. This is such a dramatic story that you really should watch the Youtube video to hear all the details in the interview. Ultimately the Chinese leaders are as corrupt or worse that any despot and fear only one thing – assassination. Their main concern is not jobs or the economy, it’s how to avoid being killed today so they they can survive to loot and pillage as much as possible.

The other problem is that China runs my country of South Africa too, in the BRICS alignment. If their government is going bankrupt, then so is mine because they basically own us and our economy, along with a lot of other African countries by now. If they have an economic slowdown, we will all feel it. That could slow down the war games too perhaps I hope.

The second thing they fear, which is a result of slowdown, is revolution on the streets. That is the only way that they can be overthrown. It’s revolution and civil war on the one hand, as we see in Hong Kong now, or a global hot war and dictatorship. That’s it.

I would forget about trying to strive for a peaceful world with happy solutions to the suffering of humanity. That ideal is over. We have gone beyond any hope of that. It is war and mass suffering in our future on this planet. From here it gets worse. That is my prophecy. The end game is coming. These might be the mad ravings of a voice from the wilderness but that is how it appears to me at present. Don’t listen to me. Watch the Youtube video, read the news, and decide which is fake and which is propaganda and which is true.

Then consider your Bitcoin holdings and how safe they are as a store of value when China controls the mining pool on the planet. This is FUD central at present, so don’t listen to me but do your own research. Expect the worst and you won’t be disappointed. Hope for the best and remain positive throughout, regardless of what comes and goes. But don’t remain naive or uninformed. We could be the last generation born free on the planet for a long time to come if China take over the show. So enjoy every breath of freedom that you can. I certainly do.

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Excellent stuff. Thanks for sharing.

My pleasure, happy to be of service. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Sounds like WWIII in the making. I don't see any way around it.

Yes, it appears so, just a matter of time. One thing that might stall it is if the economies of the countries get so bad that they can't afford it.

@julianhorack - a very informative and scary post. I didn't realize that China had the monopoly on BTC miners. A 51% take over would be realistic for the Chinese government. I have also read that the source of illegal immigration comes much more from China than it does from our Mexican border and they are the biggest human traffickers in the world. Very scary times, I hate to think what the world will look like by the time my grandchildren are grown.

The Chinese are also one of the biggest human organ traffickers. They kill their people to harvest organs for sale on the black market. It's worse than we realize with those dog eaters.

Dude, that's pretty scary. They're gunning for Jack Ma? Wow.

But ...

Lol, On the boats and on the planes they may be coming...

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

In my 56+ years on this Earth, I've seen China's ingenious strategy for world domination unfold right before my eyes.

A few of their major tactics:

  • Feed U.S. consumerism by producing products with artificially low prices in order to acquire USD that remains stagnant in China - not circulated on the international currency markets.

  • Accumulate trillions of dollars worth of U.S. Treasuries.

  • Simultaneously manipulate the global renminbi valuation with draconian domestic yuan policies.

  • Progressively monopolize/corner the tech precious metals market.

And so it goes - unbeknownst to all the oblivious, grazing sheeple in the U.S. whose only purpose in life is to acquire the latest "Made in Asia" cellphone, HD TV, laptop/desktop, etc.

Namaste, Jaichai

Yes they are an old empire and dynasty, playing the long game, and may be gearing up for a check mate move soon.

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Interesting stuff.


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I don't fancy his odds of living for too much longer at this rate.

Actually, you can trust neither Guo nor the PRC regime. Both are known liars. (Guo is, btw, also the guy who announced that declaration of martial war in Hong Kong would come around 4 August.)
It's almost impossible to become a billionaire in China without corruption & connections to the CCP. & it would be naive to think he "defected" because of moral considerations. He probably supported a CCP faction which lost an internal power struggle & had to flee because else he would have lost everything, foremost his freedom.

You don't need confidential information to see that the CCP wants to become a hegemonic power, but that's a long term goal. The PLA is still much too weak to win a war with the USA. The best they could hope for is to keep US forces away from the Chinese Pacific coast. At the moment even the probability of a successful Chinese invasion in Taiwan is pretty low.

Bitcoin miners may be located to 60% in China, but that doesn't mean the (central) government controls them. Some operations are completely illegal, others are by private companies, others by companies under control of regional governments. Organizing a 51%-attack would be much harder than you seem to think.

& even if they could: So what?
BTC is not that important to the world economy. Many people would suffer losses, but else not much would happen.

This all sounds like one big conspiracy theory, except that China clearly does want to rule the world and is willing to do anything and everything to do that. Businesses have already sold us out to China, so we are now dependent on China for making essential goods. The brutality in Hong Kong is not surprising given the Chinese government. As you mention, since people can't really vote them out, the Chinese government leaves the people with just one choice--to overthrow the government. I will note that it is not just the Chinese government who is afraid of that, but also super wealthy people around the world. They too want to do everything possible to survive in order to continue to loot and pillage from the rest of us.

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