NYSE owner wants to buy eBay for $ 30 billion

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 Interesting to see that Crypto derivatives exchanges are trying to bring more players to their "bag" of portfolio companies and, maybe, leading them to start entering the crypto business!

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the derivatives exchange behind BAKKT, is trying to acquire the well known worldwide marketplace eBay for $30 Billions , the whole approach has been made by a subsidiary Firm from ICE.

The BAKKT owners are interested in the eBay, and accordingly to report, they are willing to pay even more than the Giant marketplace worth in the Market (rounding up to $28 Billions), if they sign as positive to their offer.

To mention that the approaching is not a official yet but seems ICE is concerned in the acquisition of the Platform, and that could be something to the derivatives market!

ICE that has launch BAKKT bitcoin contracts last year, will be launching the much awaited crypto consumers App with the first partner being the well known also Starbucks, that will be accepting BTC as a way of payment thru the App. 

Starbucks that is a conglomerate of worldwide stores with more than 30,000 shops around the globe will be a door to BTC adoption in large scale in the retail market.

Something to wait and see what will be and happen!! 

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If you owned Ebay, would you sell it for that kind of money?