The Byte app will compete on social networks.

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Popular among youth social networks have become a serious competitor in the face of a new service for posting short videos.

 The new Byte social network from Don Hoffman, creator of the once-popular Vine, has begun to rapidly gain popularity. In just a week, the application was downloaded more than 1.3 million times. Moreover, the predecessor could not boast of such a successful start at the time.

 This social media network is a continuation of the idea proposed by the Vine application, which has gained worldwide popularity due to the unique concept of posting very short videos, which gave room for creative expression of users. The existence of the service was discontinued in 2017 due to financial difficulties at Twitter - its parent company. It was on the nostalgia of many users on Vine that the creators of Byte decided to play.

At the moment, user profiles and the number of views are hidden, but subsequently the Byte creators plan to make such information public and enable content creators to monetize their popularity.

 Perhaps the reason lies in the similar functionality and the frenzied popularity of Vine, which the creators, unfortunately, failed to keep for a number of reasons. Byte itself is also far from ideal - at least, the application is still in limited mode, and it also lacks a Russian interface.

Not surprisingly, most of the downloads came from the United States and some European countries.

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