A few reason why the FED should have raised rates

in informationwar •  3 months ago 
  1. to neutralize a yuge stake of the liquidity. Some big players would have chosen to park the time of the pandemics.

  2. to purge businesses, I know it's horrible to think like that, but so it's game over for most, the fake zombie economy is gone. at least no spread and the strong would have survived.

  3. slow everything, housing etc...

  4. artificially amplifying the downfall to then be able to artificially return to a better america.

maybe I am totally wrong, but it's a feeling, like an idea that selling a lot of us gov bonds by the fed to the market would really temporize the flow...

I understand the logic to want to preserve the current state, the problem is that I don't agree with a lot of issues :

child rapes immunity to an elite.
gmo toxic food
laced vaccines
chronic disease creating medications
no jail / executions for the saklers (synthetic opioids)
the total disconnection of the managerial / priest classes
the exhaustion of the ecological world (not co2, co2 is friendly but pollution in general)
emf disease generating devices

in short it was a form of busting the current state, moving to a temporary National basic income and prey....

but I understand the hope of those wanting to prolong the "status quo"... but against the PLAGUES...

what is paper money ?

like bob marley said : no justice, no peace...

anyway... I am maybe too contrarians...

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