August 25, 2019: My initial introduction to the STEEM blockchain -- @super-irie

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Hello, and greetings from @super-irie. I am very happy to announce my introduction to steemit, but more appropriately, the STEEM blockchain. I have heard great things about what is taking place here, mainly from my partner-in-crime, @conradsuperb. Not everything is always rainbows and butterflies, but this is the way life has evolved, creating a strong, diverse, and intellectual kind -- the human race.

We can decide how we wish to go about our everyday lives, taking risks in hope of earning major reward. STEEM was introduced to me a while back through an affiliate account I have followed since November of 2017 -- @conradsuperb. I read and follow specific discussions and try to better understand exactly what is taking place here. I have found it to be rather complicated to say the least. On the ground level, I now better understand the underlying differences between STEEM and STEEM POWER, and the importance of staking STEEM to have more of an influence on the community at large.


I recently decided to take the plunge and transfer some LTC from one of my wallets directly to liquid STEEM. I have already powered up 4,000 of this STEEM to STEEM POWER and hold a fraction of my initial investment for various investment strategies, one of which being a new project known as @spinvest.

@conradsuperb explained to me in detail the idea behind this project, and I simply could not imagine NOT partaking in such an opportunity. The SPinvest fund has grown from 0 to more than 25,000 SP in just about 8 weeks, and as far as I am aware, the value of SPI tokens are backed by the growth of the @spinvest fund directly. If you see where this is likely heading, then I'd imagine you see the opportunity yourself.


I want this introduction post to be rather unorthodox and discuss not personal attributes, but rather an introduction to why I have decided to make my way to the STEEM blockchain. Cryptocurrency is not something I understand fully, but it is easy to see that this space is in the early infancy phases of altering the way financial institutions operate. Although STEEM was created back in 2016, becoming a new member today, as the price of STEEM is just $0.18, may potentially be a diamond in the rough.

My goals are to let my SP work for me by delegating to projects that offer dividend payouts and that spread wealth throughout the community. I intend to invest in start up projects that have major potential for explosive growth such as @spinvest. And I intend to learn as much about communities that share common interests as myself such as the new @reggaesteem tribe and accompanying JAHM tokens.

I am happy to be here, and now it is time to get to work. Let's stack this STEEM