First Real-World Jahm (or Steem based token) Transaction Ever!

9 months ago
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Today in Negril, Jamaica we had an amazing time, so great that I ran out of cash. We bought some local crafts, went to a couple seaside bars, ate some amazing food and even hit up the World's Famous Rick's Cafe, before going back to the hotel we stoped by @miyard's for a beer.

Unfortunately I was out of cash!

Really didn't want to find some overpriced ATM or go back to the hotel room safe to get more money. No problem, @crypticat has been stacking Jahm 🐱


There you have it, the world's first Jahm for beer transaction. All I needed was a Steem account, some Jahm, an internet connection (in this case Miyard's
) and about 30 seconds to type the amount then hit send. I get some beers, Miyard gets some Jahm, it was that easy!

⬆️ this becomes that ⬇️


Miyard gets Jahm and I get beer!

We agreed to the price which would roughly be the value of Jahm had you bought it off of then I sent him the Jahm.

Miyard accepts Jahm!

So if you're in Jamaica, head by Miyard's where JAHM is accepted and the chicken is always fresh


First real world use of JAHM

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