Decided to jump in on the Koinos Mining fun today!

10 days ago
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Koinos mining went live yesterday and today I joined in on the fun

Well, it technically hasn't been much fun just yet because I am still yet to receive any coins after mining for most of the day today.

However, I set the proof to 1 per day so perhaps there will be something tomorrow...


(the above isn't my screenshot as I set it up on a different computer with a little more horse power than my laptop)

There is no guarantee that this will end up being profitable for me but given then development team involved and the idea behind the project, there is certainly immense potential.

Enough potential for me to run this thing for 6 months, while risking a bit of Ether, and then just letting the chips fall where they may.

That being said, anyone else out there yet to receive any coins?

Stay informed my friends.