A little Bit More on Koin Mining

11 days ago
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First off, Koin was lagging my comp pretty bad.


I was given some good advice from @deathwing to limit the .exe's access to all my cores.


I was actually having this crazy error due to the lag. Paint said I couldn't paste after print-screen. This was due to all my cores being taxed 100% and the print-screen hadn't completed yet. Simply leaving one core alone is enough to run most things, and the mining app will slowly adjust if it's being too greedy on the other cores.

Version 1.0

There will clearly be a new version of this miner soon because it is VERY buggy. That being said I still think it's pretty impressive for a day 1 implementation considering the circumstances (#steemhostiletakover).

A reminder about POW mining.

POW is a lottery. If I'm understanding this correctly, Koin is a heavily CPU intensive algorithm just like CryptoNight (Monero mining & other privacy coins). However, Koin allows you to choose your own difficultly.


Now the miner is buggy and already found two proofs (winning lotto tickets) for me. I think the difficultly must have been pretty low, because I have my difficulty ("Proof Frequency") set to once per week. This means that ON AVERAGE I should find a proof every week and I send my winning lotto ticket to the ETH blockchain to get my reward. I imagine when I do find one it will be a lot more than 48 coins. I'll let you guys know when it happens. I hear this premine process is going to last 6 months so... yeah. No sense wasting a ton of gas on updating your wallet every day. I can deal with once a week. Again, it costs around 0.01 ETH to claim winnings. At $380 a coin that's $3.80.


Just make sure to restart your computer and app frequently because it is very buggy (on Windows and others).