A New Seafood Business Springs Up After Restaurants Were Forced To Close

12 days ago
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There are a lot of surprises to find in the fish market today, as far as how accurately things are labelled. And studies have shown that many of the fish samples you see on the shelves are not really what they seem.

People want seafood sources that they can trust and rely on and that might mean re-thinking where they are getting their supply.

Direct To Consumer Seafood

For one fish business this year, they ended up starting a new sort of service that was unexpected and came as a result of the changes related to COVID-19.

One seafood supplier from Philly faced a big problem when restaurants were forced to close and those restaurants weren't going to be buying the regular seafood that they would from him. Suddenly, he was left with an excess supply and had to come up with a solution. He eventually thought to offer the seafood to those who might be interested in the community, he told them when and where and people who wanted the free supply showed up.

That interest quickly turned into a growing e-mail list that now has thousands of customers.

Those customers are looking for fresh fish and they are placing hundreds of orders each day. While this year has meant the end of tens of thousands of businesses it has also meant the creation of many new ones. There are those offering testing services, cleaning services, making hand sanitizer or face masks, and more.

As far as what seafood options are most popular, what brands people might choose over others, previous surveys have shown that people value sustainability. But sustainability isn't their only driving factor when choosing where to get their seafood and who to buy from. They also look for quality ,this for many has been shown to be the most important factor when choosing seafood. Other factors might be things like the taste, flavor, or price.

Not only is this popular for seafood but now people are also looking to get it with things like unpasteurized milk, grass-fed beef box options, and other foods.

Seafood is more popular than ever with millions today. Farmers around the country have recently had to pivot their business to direct to consumer options in order to survive. And thanks to making those changes they've succeeded in continuing to bring that value to the market. From seafood suppliers to milk farmers and more, it's a great alternative option to continue to keep business going and might even turn out to be more successful than previous methods have been.