Changing Minds On Online Delivery: 81 Percent of Shoppers Plan to Stick With Online Grocery Delivery

26 days ago
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Grocery delivery through online stores has been slow to become accepted by the general public. That is because one of the main concerns for those who weren't interested in doing their grocery shopping this way was that they couldn't pick out the items themselves.

What if they ended up with produce they didn't like? Looking, feeling, smelling the items, is a part of the shopping experience that some simply didn't want to miss out on. But COVID-19 changed that for millions, almost instantly, by forcing many to try and order whatever they could get online.

It has forced people into becoming familiar with this service where they otherwise would have been content going forever without testing what online grocery shopping is all about.

Online grocery sales have grown more than 40 percent just this year.

It offered a solution for people to get what they needed while still staying distant at the same time.

Now, more restaurants and even farmers markets are looking to do business in this convenient way.

Millions are seeing what benefits can come to them through doing grocery shopping this way.

Overwhelmingly, shoppers doing their grocery shopping this way say that the time they save is the number one reason they continue to do it.

Also, it stops them from doing impulse buys and helps them to stay on budget if they have one.

This year has made millions of people get more comfortable with shopping for what they need online. And a great deal of them are so happy with the benefits that they plan to stick with what is working for them.

Right now, the top stores in this market are Walmart, Amazon/Whole Foods, and Instacart, followed by places that are regional like Safeway.

Even those who do their shopping online still might go into the store and pick up a few things, but it's clear that 2020 has accelerated the online grocery shopping trend.

This service is helping seniors who need convenience for shopping, and it offers a solution for a parent that finds it difficult to leave the home and get it done etc. There are many scenarios where this service would bring a great deal of benefit to the community and it does.