Millions Are Now Burned Out On The Job

11 days ago
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Some businesses have been requiring a lot from their teams this year, especially those like delivery and grocery services that had a spike in demand which they had to struggle to meet for several months. Front-line workers and security services, energy companies, millions are simply burned out.

To say thank you, there are a growing number of companies that have been financially rewarding their employees for working so hard this year.

This has meant giving a cash payment to full time and part time workers to say 'thank you' for continuing on with the job during such times of economic uncertainty and chaos.

Some businesses opted to pay a higher wage to those who worked during the lockdown months, and others just went for a cash payment. This meant that many were unexpectedly going to be receiving hundreds of dollars to help them get by.

Around the country one business or another has tried to show their employees help financially this year, giving away tens of millions in bonuses to front-line workers and others.

Recent surveys have shown that there is urgent demand for companies to start taking better care of their employees.

Millions of employees are burned out from working so much, even more than they were compared to last year.

This year has meant a variety of new pressures that have come for managers and businesses all around the market. Managers are being encouraged to promote time off for well-being for their employees when possible, it's better to take time off and try to unwind, find that balance again, than overload with too much responsibility and make matters worse.

This year that burnout for many employees has skyrocketed and many managers, possibly more than 80 percent, are feeling personally responsible and more concerned now about how their teams are doing. They also aren't the only ones, as managers have also reported working more and feeling more pressure this year as well.

Many individuals are just simply exhausted emotionally, physically, mentally, and they are ready for a break.

Some have been juggling that along with extended hours and pay cuts, and trying to deal with under-staffing too.

Recognizing when you are being overworked can be the first step to finding a solution to the problem. Taking that step might look like accessing mental health benefits at work if they're available, re-prioritizing boundaries and work relationships, seeking more flexibility in your daily routine, and maybe even looking for something new altogether.