Survey Shows People Are Already Planning Vacations For 2021

12 days ago
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After only a few weeks in lockdown the desire to travel started to grow with many. For millions, it's estimated that they reached their 'tripping point' at around 30 days and are still waiting to be able to move freely because many borders are still enforcing restrictions over non-essential travel.

One recent survey discovered that about 70 percent of travelers in the United States are looking to take a vacation next year.

Some are waiting for a vaccine to be introduced before they will be comfortable with travel, but others can't wait to get the green light and are ready now. There are still many who have had to cancel their remaining trips this year on cruises and to other destinations because travel isn't back to normal yet for borders, airlines, tour companies, and other businesses.

Many who are eager to get away say that they have already made those plans for a 2021 vacation.

Some of the most popular destinations are Europe, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Relaxing with an all inclusive vacation somewhere with great weather sounds like a much needed change of pace that many would enjoy after what they've been through this year.

Not only are people eager to get out because they had to change plans this year and stay away from loved ones and friends for so long, but covid-19 also brought back to mind people's priorities. For some of us that might be looking to spend more time in nature, more time with family, friends, or it might be more time doing things on the 'bucket list' instead of putting off that vacation to a time that might never come around.

For now, there are many who are still concerend about the coronavirus and that is preventing them from going on their planned trips in the near future. As well, there are still a variety of travel restrictions in place and different rules regarding quarantine if you do travel, having your temperature taken, and so on.

For thanksgiving and Christmas it doesn't look like many Americans are going to be traveling very far like they usually would. At least 57 percent or more say that they are planning to stay home for the rest of the year. When millions finally do get to go on a vacation next year they are also likely to only go on a short driving distance away for a trip, rather than take a flight anywhere.