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Content Matters

Hive and LeoFinance are solid places to be for any type of content creator, but as a former freelancer who've worked with dozens of people and for hundreds of people during my years as a freelancer, I know the burden, stress and the terrible working hours one can face from time to time. Customer support, or the hassle trying to make a dissatisfied client happy is also something I am very familiar with.

I spent years building my freelancing career. I wrote, published and sold ebooks, like the "top internet marketers" who are using Warriorforum and a handful more internet marketing forums regularly. I also spent hours doing research before writing articles for clients, and I spent a few more hours writing each article. Most of my work was done on sites or marketplaces like Fiverr and SEOClerks at the time and any other person who've tried to become successful writing articles on places like that knows how extreme it is, or can be. Especially as someone who's not native in English. Like myself.

And that's the thing. Article writing is one of the easiest things do start with, but not many of those writers will last long. 500 words for $5? - Sure thing!

While 500 words might not be that much, it often involves hours of work in total for any serious internet marketer, freelancer or article writer. Whatever you want to call it. Imagine having 5, 10 or even 50 orders in queue. That's a lot of time..


Long story short, Hive is a superb alternative to any of those marketplaces, or at least a wonderful addition to them, and LeoFinance is likely one of the best places for any crypto enthusiast, especially as a content creator.

You see, content matters, but you are rewarded for your contributions without having clients. You can share whatever content you want to share and you are still rewarded for the content. That's one of the big differences between Hive and Fiverr for instance. Hive is not a marketplace, so it does not involve any clients, orders, potential refunds or delivery times.

A minor correction though, you are not entitled to rewards but everyone have a chance to be rewarded for content. Some makes decent amounts and others makes less. Not everyone can become a millionaire or a professional Hockey player, so I would say that it's fair. Hive gives everyone a chance to be rewarded.

The cool part is that you are not earning money. You earn cryptocurrency, which can either go up or down in value. (You are being rewarded and not paid) If you're not eager enough to take a leap of faith so to speak, leaving your freelancing career behind and what not, it's totally fine. I wouldn't recommend doing that, but I do recommend sharing content, when you can find some time to publish something. That means a chance of getting your hands on some fine crypto and it could potentially snowball your way to become a full time crypto enthusiast.

Heck, you can even use Hive, LeoFinance or any other of the communities/tribes as your personal portfolio to showcase your work for potential clients elsewhere. While getting paid (rewarded) for it! How awesome is that?

Work at home, from the comfort of your own bed or from wherever you want to be. It's as easy as writing blog posts or articles but you decide what content you want to share. No rules, strict guidelines, tags or length to think of. You don't have to optimize your posts and it's not vital or required to think of any SEO at all. Just do your own thing and be rewarded for it. Kind of crazy when you think about it.

Think outside the box and use Hive, LeoFinance, NeoxianCity, PALnet and other tribes and communities to explore the world of crypto, web 3.0 and take advantage of the tools you have at your disposal. Publish one article per day or even one per week for starters. The amount of articles you share doesn't really matter, what matters is that you share something, as that is your first stepping stone into something wonderful. Dip your toes and be part of the blockchain.

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The Freelancers Paradise

I know, I have mentioned freelancers, article writers, bloggers and content creators multiple times already but I can't stress this enough. I truly believe that Hive is a superb addition to your arsenal of tools, and that you can benefit from getting involved in Hive. The question is how you do it, and obviously, if you are ready for it.

I can relate to freelancing content creators, I can relate to the workload and the pressure. I can relate to many of those things. No fluff or empty promises of luxury but I promise you that Hive will change your life forever if you allow it, and if you give it a chance. It changed my entire mindset regarding freelancing, my former business and content.


In one of my other posts I talk about how to make money or in fact, "How To Make Bank" on Hive, and that is definitely something I would recommend to beginners. I don't go into any specific details or technical mumbo jumbo that most people wouldn't understand anyways. I lay it out in a very simple way so even a kid could understand. Go for it.