How do I use my Crypto?

9 months ago
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My crypto assets server different purposes form me but the biggest part is that is serves the function of my 4th pillar. It started of purely as an investment but has turned into a bit more.

I live in Switzerland and the pension system is based on 3 pillars

  • Pillar1: contributions through the state

  • Pillar2: contributions through the employer

  • Pillar3: Your own contributions that give a tax cut every year

  • Pillar4: (which does not officially exist but I tend to refer to as my 4th pillar) : risky assets in the form of crypto with high reward potential

Personally I look at crypto as a high risk asset that has te potential to skyrocket and that when I allocate a small portion monthly might show extraordinary returns come retirement (which is still a few years away). If the wholy crypto space were to collapse then I would not be destitute as I only put in a bit every month that I know I can spare.

Below you can see an overview of my current allocation. For the moment I am not adding to steem but I am buying BTC monthly which is better explained in the post below.


I used to be part of a team that hosted crypto meetups and there we used to sell drinks for crypto which worked remarkably well. Another use case I had for crypto was paying steem users with steem to design a logo for a few projects I was working on which ties into what @theycallmedan is striving for.

Not just using steem for the rewards but also as a means of payment and as such creating adoption.

And part of creating adoption in my eyes is 2 fold

  • DEFI : companies like Nexo and Celsius that are paying decent interest on holdings, either stablecoins or crypto which is something the banks are not doing
  • NFT games: games like Splinterlands and Nextcolony on Steem or Gods Unchained on Ethereum

Both speak to different audiences but both speak to the generations that are now growing up with the internet as something that has always been there. For them (and more and more for me as well) these things feel natural and are not seen as something weird or something to be weary of.
So I have allocated some of my capital to sit in the DEFI options gathering that sweet sweet interest and also have my cards or planets in the games I mentioned even making some passive income by renting cards and decks (

Will these be super wise investments?

I have no Idea but I am enjoying learning more and as stated: If it all crumbled to nothing I will be richer in knowledge. If it all takes of I will have the added benefit of being an early adopter.

So in summary:
I own crypto mostly as an investment but also try to spend it when I can to drive adoption. And I am following the new things being built as closely as possible.

What are you doing with your crypto?