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We are social animal it is called. Man can't live alone.We have to live in society. To live in society we must make it in our ways.It is our duty to make a quality society. A quality society can give a good quality man.
To make our life easy & to make the world heaven, we must give our kids a better society.


In everyone's life society can make an effective change.If a child always see violation in here and there that child can't be a good man in his future life.
On the other hand to make a good society culture plays an important role.In which society have their strong culture may keep their society in peace.It is one of the best way to make the world heaven.


So,my opinion is We have to keep safe our culture. But,a matter of sorrow that in our society we can't keep safe our culture. We are making mixture forgen culture into ours.
That's why we are losing our culture. We are avoiding our cultural programs like "pohela boishakh".It's not good for a society.
Without cultural programs no society can bring green.

So,my today's post was about society & culture, because I saw the total lost of culture and saw how our child are going with drugs.
We have to stop it.We have to take our society in a safe zone to make safe place for our children.


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Always try to be happy.Enjoy your time.

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