LTC (Litecoin) Weekly Trading Analysis

11 months ago
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LTC has number 6th rank in crypto market based on total market capital.Once upon a time it was stand at number 3.
Total Market Maximum supply 84 Million
Circulating supply 63 Million
Daily trading volume based on last 24 hours 3.5 billion USD.

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LTC all time high 375 $ in December 2017
LTC all time low 1.15 $ in 2015
LTC last 20 month low 22.82$

Now we focus to the market analysis.It has complete recent bottom level to touch 22$ and come back for upward bullish momentum.Todays price is 60 $.

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Let we focus now weekly chart it is tightly narrow ranging between 52$ to 62$.So, this chart not giving any future solution.

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This is Monthly chart.It would give us more perfect trading ideas.LTC now stand on 60$.62$ is very strong resistance.This price level already tested 3 times.But we can say it will break with in this month.
In the lower channel 52$ is normal support level.If price level go there trader can take buy easily.

Long term view is recent good establishment of crypto market and bitcoin or ethereum, 2020 will be the golden year.So, we can say LTC can test again 375.But my prediction this time LTC will break the record high and can reach 1000$ in December 2020.
That is my todays review or analysis about LTC for steemit and steem lover.Also for steemnews.