John Mcafee is slowly starting to go back on his word

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Noticed this on crypto reddit today and just had to laugh a little bit. Goes to show that you shouldn't make predictions about crypto prices no matter how sure you are as these markets are completely unpredictable.

Yes, some of you were right and knew where this was heading, some of you learned about Bitcoin early and saw what it stood for, where the innovation was and why something like it was needed and many of you that held onto that belief were rewarded very well over time as long as you held or kept buying and stayed off that daytrading where bots would wreck you 9 times out of 10.

Here's the screenshot:

I mean in a way he's right, Bitcoin is Bitcoin, compare it to gold or the first popular websites on the internet or whatever but the important thing is that it was first, it's open-source and it can evolve and it is one of the most secure networks in the world right now. I don't want to get too much into how centralized the mining pools are and that most hashrate resides in China and what that could mean for the attack vector, I'm also not going to get into its development in the past or should I say lack there of but it is still the OG and will remain that way for a long time.

Many have been predicting the flippening, whether it being Ethereum that would surpass it (if anyone any time soon it'll be this one in my opinion) or Bitcoin Cash (myeh, doubt it cause if there's going to be something else suprassing it it will be something of far greater technology and toolset). Bitcoin has great marketing and exists on most exchanges, even if some people want to buy altcoin x they'll usually have to go through Bitcoin first.

There will come a time though when the technology and cost of use will feel like it's not worth it for the every day users and with further adoption and usecases of other coins they'll be moving away from Bitcoin and leaving it for the important transactions of the world.

So was McAfee an idiot for saying it's going to go to $1M before 2020 is over? Eh, people say a lot of things, if you look at it marketing wise or name fame wise that promise he made made brought him way more attention than if he hadn't. Before that he was just the crazy livestyle guy who created that shitty antivirus everyone hates but once he stepped into the crypto-game he was making hundred of thousands of dollars per tweet talking about a random shitcoin to make money off of it. One could say he's the Trump of crypto in a way.

According to this graph that shows the current price and where it needs to go for him not to eat his own dick on national TV, I'd say it's still not impossible considering the movements Bitcoin can have if things go its way. Not saying it will hit $1M and I doubt that will be anytime soon (maybe by 2022 in that case), but nothing is impossible in this space.


So my advice would be to stop listening to random "celebrities" or "influencers" or whatever they like to call themselves making predictions about coins and their prices. You never know in this day and age who's getting paid to do what and who isn't. I know you're gonna say "well ehm, as an american they have to let their readers know it's paid promotion according to the FTC" but let me remind you how many anonymous coins and chat systems there are in existence right now and how impossible it is to track them.

So do your own research or listen to those who've put money where their mouths are when they are talking about something like this. On that note, I'll be starting my trading and investing post series soon so check it out if you're interested. We'll either make some decent profit together or you'll hold a grudge and downvote me for a while cause I made us both lose some money. ;P

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People are dumb, in its current capacity bitcoin will never reach $1,000,000, which is obvious if you have a brain.

If bitcoin cost $1,000,000 then the competition for mining would be RIDICULOUS!

At that price there would be $900,000,000USD worth of mining rewards (not including tx fees) so that would equate to billions of dollars of electricity monthly... certainly not realistic

I'm with you on this. Bitcoin should never get to highly valuated because it massively increases the cost of keeping it running.

Unfortunately when the game is simple everyone plays. The higher the price the more lucrative it is to have your mining rig. You will always justify: well that's cost to guarantee that money safe.

Bitcoin is terribly slow for a day to day applications. However, the more valuable it gets the more people will invest in off chain alternatives(scams included).

He should just go with it and do a video interview with him in a hospital bed eating a sausage and freak out the world...until he later comes out and says it was fake.

lol doubt he's that clever

I can’t stomach him, or any of these prediction-centric weirdos. There are an infinite amount of factors of what BTC, or any project “will do”. I mean, I guess I can at least respect that he outright made a prediction, albeit, wrong. I fucking hate the “Bitcoin next year”, shit posts.

Yeah especially those articles I get on chrome where they're like "BTC/ETH may do this ... analysts/traders say."

I've accepted that nobody knows shit. They can hope for something at best.
Have you seen that video he made for "just men"? 😂

The higher the price goes the less chance there is of a major bullrun. It had to slow down sometime. Then theres the human factor and the hundreds of thousands of people that lost money to the bubble. The more people lose money to whales the less chance you have people entering the space.
Thats why Steem is awesome. ;) It has a very low risk entry.

Did you hold your GU collection btw? :p ROI is looking decent on it lately.

I sold only 1 card. The market is kind of slow for the ones i have. Most of those i do hold only sold 1 card since the game started.
Im waiting for the core cards to start selling, hoping that will reinvigorate the market. Theres just too many cards and many arent good enough to have any demand.

He creates a good entertainment show in this long bear market. ;)

Eat your fucking dick, crazy man


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doubt he has much use for it anymore anyway so

< insert shia labeouf meme >

Let's see if this works.

!giphy shia+labeouf+just+do+it

edit: not very well

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I follow McAfee and love the guy because he seems like a real fun guy. He made a two-minute video where he talked about anal sex and it was fucking hillarious, showed of his bitcoin mining rig and often makes accusations of some CIA dirty activity or what not.

The point I'm making is, he's just another guy who likes sticking his dick into holes, mines Bitcoin and thinks the CIA are dirty. There's really nothing special about his predictions.


Seems a long time ago when he said all this, the knife was never going to come out.

Why BTC is still king I will never know. Other coins are much faster in terms of transaction speeds and fees far less than BTC.

STEEM being a perfect example of that but if you want a major coin then LTC.

I remember him making this claim and had forgotten when it was meant to happen. Dude is a nutter that is for sure but I find him wildly entertaining.

Was a great marketing stunt to make him relevant again and earn some easy money during the bullrun.

D*ckcoin 😁

After the beginning of the big fall, when most people were arguing we were still in a bull market and going to a million soon, I decided to stop listening to all these predictions and I went back to look at the historic graph of bitcoin. Many booms and busts, and after each bust the bear market often lasted a few years. So why would it be different this time ?

We can bring Ramsey Bolton back to life and get him to eat it on his behalf