Gold Vs. Fiat

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Lately there has been a silly debate comparing bitcoin to gold.


The gold\bitcoin debate is the greatest trick the devil ever pulled.

Anyone reading this likely (I hope) knows that the real problem is fiat currency and that both bitcoin and gold are viable alternatives and should both be considered as potential escape valves.

Lets not compare gold and bitcoin because they couldn’t be more different and they are completely separate asset classes.

It’s like comparing a hamburger to a vodka tonic.... you consume both, but they have nothing to do with each other and serve different function.

This graphic of gold vs fiat is super interesting to me because it shows that gold consistently performs vs fiat currency, which is its main purpose:


Lets keep our eye on the ball and think about both gold and bitcoin when we are trying to protection ourselves from the decline and fall of fiat currencies.

In other bold and pick up bitcoin and gold:


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I agree. Everyone should have in their portfolio gold and bitcoin.

For sure

Mixture of gold and bitcoin makes a good porfolio.

Thats right!