destruction begins with excessive lust

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humans will never be enough and always want something more. it has been human nature since childhood. but because of the influence of the environment, from friends, teachers, parents, over time only some people can hold their lust.

that is, humans who are grateful for what they get. most other people cannot hold their lusts. always want something more. even to the point of causing destruction to the life he lives.

excessive lust that can not be achieved, this will cause a person to become fractured, depressed, using illegal drugs, drugs, consuming alcohol, gambling, and other things.

whereas, when you try and get results, it will be enough for your needs. what is not fulfilled is your passion. your excessive desire. does not mean you should not want anything more. want to have something more, that's a natural thing. but you have to be logical. when you only have a small income every month, but you have the desire to buy a plane, this becomes illogical.

You must realize and equalize the desires and results of your work.

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