Alt Season? Guess Not! - We're Talking About it Today on the ScaredyCat Investor Show @8pm UTC - Join in the discussion!

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Boy that was a fun little ride and definitely started to get those alt season hopes up, but after this sell off where does this potential "alt season" stand?

We're talking about this and more today on the show so be sure to listen in!


This week on....

The Music and Money Show (2).jpg

- Is Alt Season Still a Possibility???

- Why 10k is not and never was a support for Bitcoin!

- Bakkt - It's launched, now what?

- And we always need to bump some good tunes too!

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Not an alt season so much as an alt day or two. So a bounce, probably not a trend. Yet

Well after this massacre sell off just now, no alt season at all, just an oversold bounce :-(

@chrisrice - if you are able to listen in would love to have you!

One step forward, two steps back it seems that the volatility never ends in the crypto market. Without changing this I am not sure how this technology will evolve and be adopted...

Agreed! It's a bit disconcerting at times.