"Change Within" Is Out Now!!!!

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Good Evening From Germany!

I have an update on "Change Within",
a collaboration between the fantastic duo
Wav-Legion aka Bonnie Legion ( @soundlegion ) & Wav-Dr ( @wav-dr )
& myself.

"Change Within" is now released & available on various platforms.<3

"Change Within" by Wav-Legion & D-Vine on Spotify

"Change Within" by Wav-Legion & D-Vine on Apple Music

I can't say it often enough, it was an absolute pleasure & honor to work with these two fabulous & inspiring musicians.

Enjoy <3

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love to see your music "up and running" again. too bad what happend to choon...

SteemLeo is a platform dedicated to investing-related content. It's not about rabbits, running or nice photography. Use that tag wisely. Not downvoted this time, it may be if reward will be higher.

Ups, sorry about, won't happen again!

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