Amazon Forest Fires - Long Term Damage for Short Term Gains

1 year ago
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"With the fire season in the Amazon approaching its midpoint, scientists using NASA satellites to track fire activity have confirmed an increase in the number and intensity of fires in the Brazilian Amazon in 2019, making it the most active fire year in that region since 2010."

"While drought has played a large role in exacerbating fires in the past, the timing and location of fire detections early in the 2019 dry season are more consistent with land clearing than with regional drought."


I want to put these in here so that people can see that this is not the normal fire season as Bolsonaro is trying to pass it off as. Regardless of the fires it is clear through the actions and policies of Bolsonaro that he is not interested in protecting the environment of his country.

It's tough to decide what the right course of action is after these events. Clearly Brazil can't be allowed to continuing this recklessness and there has to be some repercussion. But how can it be done in a way that it does not economically hurt the people who are not at fault? I think at the moment potentially targeting the sectors that have been rapidly deforesting could be a start. Hopefully the people of Brazil seriously consider the long-term damage that short-sighted policies like this have.

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