Rando Tuesday - Earn a free Randowhale vote

in neoxian •  10 months ago 

Chronocrypto here and ready to serve and help the steem community with some wonderful gifts.


Lets get to it

Add your very own post link no later than 3 days old, there are 5 spots open so first come first serve. Once you comment your very own link.
I will send 2 steem to @randowhale which kinda promotes your badass post.

Keep in mind The votes can be totally random. I have no control over it. Reason for the name Randowhale :)

If you have no clue of what I am talking about check out Rando's post Here

Simple Rules to Follow

  • Any post is eligible, If vote does not come in than Rando must like your post, so your own discretion.
  • You will not get a vote if you are on STEEM's Global BlackList API. Don't try it.
  • First 5 to comment their own link will be included.
  • One post/link per user.

Votes from @randowhale will never be excessive.

Please do not expect a profit. The Steem gets burnt.

@randowhale is not mine. But this is my incentive to promote ya'll posts. If it looks like many like it I will be doing it maybe 3 times a week.


Help me to continue to do these giveaways by showing some love by voting and or resteeming even tipping will do the trick.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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