Spring Feelings ... A Countdown to Spring ... (Day 23)

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Today with 57 days to go before spring.

I don't have a particularly spectacular photo for you.

Where the MAGNOLIA grows.

But then it is a photo that really shows spring. I made this photo in 2018 of our then very young magnolia tree. The beautiful purple flowers can be seen from the end of March / beginning of April and now say for yourself, if you are greeted by this beautiful color explosion in your garden ... then you will automatically become a little happier. And you immediately get the real spring feeling!

It has so much to offer.

And apart from being particularly beautiful, this magnolia has much more to offer. The flowers, leaves and stalks are also all edible!

That's not all.

And if you thought that was all ... there is more to tell about this magnolia. Chinese medicine has known this for years, this beautiful flower also has real medicinal properties.

The bark.

The bark of the magnolia has been used in China since 100 years after Christ. The most important component is Honokiol and Magnolol, whose antioxidants are 1000 times more effective than with Vitamin E.

Natural valium.

There are studies where the Honokiol has been compared with valium. This showed that Honokiol works five times better as an anxiety-reducing agent. But without side effects, and that is very useful because people who have swallowed valium know that this is really not a pleasant way to use. Valium can even make your symptoms worse as a side effect. That could be prevented by using magnolia.

You can easily make tea from the flour and this helps with:

  • Unrest
  • Fear
  • Allergy
  • allergic diseases such as asthma or hay fever
  • Parietal forehead cavity inflammation

In traditional Chinese science, Magnolia flower extract has been used for centuries to remedy rhinitis, stuffy nose, sinus inflammation and associated headaches.

The taste of the magnolia is a bit of ginger with rose-like and a bit bitter. It is a very unique taste and I like it.

The Magnolia is pollinated by beetles.

A final special fact that it is worth mentioning. Magnolias are not pollinated by bees, but by beetles! So by placing a magnolia in your garden you also ensure even more life in your garden. So where most flowers attract bees, this magnolia attracts beetles. Which in turn ensures more diversity of insects in your garden, and that is always good.

Oh if it was only spring NOW, unfortunately we still have to wait 57 days according to the calendar.

I keep hoping that nature will not adhere to this and that we can enjoy a spring feeling earlier!

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It still takes long till Spring. Winter didn't even start yet.
I had a Magnolia in to Mr of my bedroom window. It was pink/white. It bloomed as my kid was born and always did no May tree the weather but those blossom leaves make a mess and become slippery.

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I don't think we get much of a winter. Oh yes, we will get some snow, and yes there will come some frosting periods, but I don't think we get a harsh winter. Temperatures are rising again ... and of course I know Feburary and even March can be very cold ... but I also know that last year I sat outside in the sun in February with a temperature from 20 degrees. Climate is changing and to me it seems that the very long and cold winters are something from the past. Is it good? I don't know ... Only thing I know is that I long for Spring to come in. I'm done with this gloomy gray weather type. And I don't like the cold and humid days we have now.

@hetty-rowan I hope you are right. It is hard to stay warm and it saves gas for sure. Happy day. ❤️

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