Spring Feelings ... A Countdown to Spring ... (Day 31)

in hive-177682 •  5 months ago 

49 days!

It's really starting to count down ... And believe it, today the temperature here was actually above 10 degrees.

Don't get too optimistic.

Not that it felt like spring now, it didn't. It was mostly gray, so that was nothing different from last days. With a strong westerly wind, and that has become very normal lately. Nothing like spring at all. But ... also not really like winter!

However, I'd really rather see a picture like this.

Color in the landscape that surrounds you.

Nothing special, nothing spectacular, but a picture that really reminds me of spring. The flowers that emerge everywhere and give color to the landscape around you. Even a long, boring straight road can suddenly look beautiful if there are beautiful colors to be seen everywhere on the roadsides.

The poppy is a true survivor.

There is much to tell about the poppy, but let me limit myself to the fact that I enjoy it when I see them. And that they are stronger flowers than you would expect. They are survivors ... maybe that's why I like it so much.

The beauty of mother nature will soon be here again.

49 days before it is officially spring, I keep hoping that the temperature and especially the sun will cooperate well. So that we can all again enjoy a beautiful time. That we soon will see all the beauty that mother nature has to offer us.

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