A glimpse at curation in communities I'm currently invested in

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A recent post by @tarazkp prompted me to look at how my Steem Engine investments are doing.

I have invested in PALnet, Creative Coin, Neoxian City, SteemLeo, StemGeeks, SportsTalk communities because I believe they have the potential and because I'm active in all them.

On Creative Coin I'm posting my Pinky and Spiky comics as well my organ playing related posts, on SteemLeo I'm writing about my investment strategies, on StemGeeks I'm learning JavaScript, on SportsTalk I post my @actifit reports. Neoxian and PALnet are of course general communities where just about anything goes.

Here's the stake I'm currently holding in them:

I haven't created separate curation accounts for each of them because I'm waiting for the tool from some interface to do it intelligently and intuitively so it was interesting to see how my voting power is doing so far (I've been mostly curating from @partiko):


Creative Coin:






I hope that with that much stake and voting power people can benefit from my curation. But it seems that my voting power on those other communities is sitting mostly unused. To curate properly I would have to create 6 alternate accounts and it would be quite time consuming.

What would you suggest? To wait for the universal solution for everyone or to take the route some of the Steemians are taking with alternate accounts?

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Hi friend @organduo.

This diatriva that you have asked yourself, has made me reflect on the true utility of these tokens that are proliferating in steem-engine with the creation of the tribes.

Apparently so far, the only "utility" they provide is that of increasing your voting power and influence within the tribe. This allows you to perform significant cures.
But owning this power gives you some other privilege within the tribe? That is, do you have access to special benefits?

I ask you these questions because I would like to define whether these new tokens could be categorized as "security tokens" or "utility tokens."

All best, Piotr.

In my mind they still are utility because with increasing voting power I can support of members of the community. And this is not the end but only the beginning. More use case will be created by the tribes. For example, sending tokens in exchange for promotion. In other words, it's up to the tribes to provide utility for their coins.

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Thank you @organduo for sharing your view with me. Appreciate it.

Enjoy your monday :)
Yours, Piotr

@tarazkp’s idea of a curation trail with @babytarazkp is a good one. You can use steemrewarding.com to follow your votes with alt accounts, filtered by tag. This would mean creating a separate account for each tribe and delegating your take to each.

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Thanks for the idea!

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Thank you for noticing my work!

I suggest you crank up the voting power on the various tokens you hold:


From what I understand, this tool will do the job:


I think the steps are:

Find on the link above

Enter your username

Enter 'scot_set_vote' into the ID field

And as an example using Creative Coin (CCC), copy/paste this into the final box:

{"symbol": "CCC", "vote_weight_multiplier": 2, "downvote_weight_multiplier": 2}

'2' will double your vote power.

I should probably test this tool out :)

Thanks! Where is this final box to post the code? Somehow I'm missing it...

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Thank you!

I did it with CCC! But tested on this post with 50 % upvote on Steem and it appears that it made 50% upvote on creativecoin as well:

Looks good.

It's hard to check but you can log in to the local front end and compare what each vote weight looks like in the way I describe using dporn in my post. If when you slide the vote weight, the value stops going up at 50% then it should be set.

Actually the slider doesn't stop at 50% but goes all the way to 100%.