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Account run by @qam2112
CBI is 100% backed by holdings of SBI tokens
Each CBI is 10% the value of SPI
SPI value 1.22 steemp
CBI value 0.122 steemp
First Round holding
2000 SPI
20000 CBI issued

How does it work?
Buy CBI at 0.122
Set sell order 0.135 (just over 10%)
Tokens will be bought back at this price within 30 days

How is it collateralised?
2000 SPI has been sent to neoxianbank.
This will be released upon completion of buy back of all 20000 CBI tokens


Is this a scam?

  • No
    What if you dont buy back the CBI tokens
  • You get the equivalent in SPI tokens
    How you gonna pay 10% within 30 days
  • Thats my problem
    I have no intension of buying or have any real question but just wanna be awkward
  • There's always one 👍

Only set a sell price of 0.135 anything more will not be bought
This will be run monthly returns of over 120% annually possible

Final thoughts
I have been giving away SPI, SBI shares, steem bounties for the past couple of months. Not sure how much but will be more than the 10% im giving here. This is set up so anyone can take part and make a decent return.
I have numerous tokens and none come close to a 10% return within 30 days, if they did i would invest everything in them.
As an investor you have nothing to lose.
I am taking all responsibility.
So buy set the sell order and check your wallet.

All posts will be done from this account so follow for updates @votebetting
I will try to post daily to keep you updated but if i don't it just means i am busy making you money.

Happy investing 💰💲💵📊

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It sounds like most of the reasoning is 'trust me' - which although is not my standard for traditional investment, does qualify for a few steems experiment 😅

Thank you for your trust keep an eye out for the next post. Your trust will be rewarded 😉

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I will test it and buy some tokens this week

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Awesome. Keep an eye out for the next post your in for a treat 👍

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hmmmmm... I only recently discovered SPI, and like the project a lot... so CBI has my interest piqued.

How you gonna pay 10% within 30 days

Thats my problem

hmmm, yeah... I'm down to "gamble" a few STEEM on a "trust me, I wouldn't lie"... I am quite curious. :P

If I told you that you would be doing it yourself leaving my coin worthless lol try a tiny amount see what happens. Your not gambling coz iys backed by SPI you get SPI if you don't get paid within 30 days. Win win 👍

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If I told you that you would be doing it yourself leaving my coin worthless

haha... true!

try a tiny amount see what happens

I did... grabbed 10 STEEM worth.

Your not gambling coz iys backed by SPI you get SPI if you don't get paid within 30 days

... and I'm totally cool with that... collecting some SPI on one of my alts... so yeah, wouldn't be a bad thing.

Good Luck with the project.

I been collecting SPI from the beginning and staking so i have no intention of letting them babies go lol. Butbacks will start next week so you wont have to wait a month 👍will be doing it monthly so follow @votebetting so your in the loop👍

Hey @qam2112, here is a little bit of BEER from @braaiboy for you. Enjoy it!

just going to give a try.

It will be worth it

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Nice post fellow👍

Thank you get some tokens bought you wont be disappointed 👍

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Interesting, I will have to keep an eye on CBI.

Better still buy a hand full of tokens

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Good luck😊

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Let's give it a try! I'm in

That's the spirit. He who dares...
Thank you

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This sounds very interesting and I would like to try it out for sure!! Hopefully I can make it happen soon. How long will you be doing this?

They buying of the tokens should last while the payment of this post I think that would make sense

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Think it's a good idea but dont have the money no problem just leave a comment claim some bounty and then get investing 👍

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Good thoughts.
CBI> 10% decent return.
What an amazing project.

Yes and so far everything going better than I thought so really happy

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I did not understand everything yet. But sounds interesting! :)

I have to go to work now, but I bookmarked this post for later.

Super easy but token at 0.122 place a sell order at 0.135 that's it. Just wait for the tokens to be bought back

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I give it a try with all my liquid Steem! :)

Awesome. Keep an eye for the next post you will like it

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I like SBI shares idea, but I think I will stay off SPI and CBI at this moment, maybe in the future I will think about this more than today.

Investment at a rate of 10% per month

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@votebetting, I will look into it. Hope that it will turns out something interesting. 👍