Current Events: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

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The Good:

In spectacular fashion, LEO has spiked up past the 1:1 parity mark in relation to its parent chain, Hive. We'd still have to go like x50 from here to get to a similar market cap, but that hardly matters at this point.

At this point I've sold enough LEO to pay off my initial investment of failed money-grab PAL coin (5000 Hive / 2000 USD) and I am still a LEO whale several times over. A while back I did the ultimate speculation as to Hive hitting 1:1 parity with USD and LEO hitting 1:1 parity with Hive. It seemed like a complete fantasy. Not so much anymore, eh? Hive has already been to the $1 mark and LEO has already been to the 1 Hive mark. Crazy!

I look forward to yield-farming wLEO a bit when that option becomes available. I've got plenty of ETH laying around doing nothing. An explanation of this process was posted today. Long story short, you need an equal amount of ETH and LEO to participate in liquidity pool yield farming and collecting that 300k bounty.

The Bad


Phishing? Really?

You know Uniswap has made it big when my dipshit antivirus bans the entire protocol due to being tagged as a "phishing scam". So annoying. These kind of attacks against crypto are quite common and scare many away from even attempting to participate in these networks. The last time I had to deal with this all of the crypto mining software I downloaded was blacklisted as malware as well.

Honestly it should be illegal but these guys can get away with pretty much anything when it comes to this kind of censorship. Rather than try to deal with a few crypto scams here and there they throw out a blanket ban on everything because we aren't mainstream enough for normal people to care. Cool.


The Ugly

New York Times needs to remove head from ass:

The Other Way Covid Will Kill: Hunger

Hey dumbasses, this is a surprise to LITERALLY NO ONE! Everyone was talking about how the world was going to be fucked because of all the supply-line disturbances to production. Everyone said our reaction to how COVID was handled would be worse than the actual disease itself. Now here we are, suspicions confirmed and the worst of it isn't even close to being here yet.

Now the New York Times is coming forward and telling people like us that we were right all along. Except that's exactly what they're not doing. Nowhere in this article does it question at any moment how COVID was handled as a mistake. It's simply assumed in the subtext that all these terrible outcomes happening are just a necessary evil and unavoidable horrors of COVID. Kill yourselves, NYT. Die screaming. Thanks.

All the liberals, including my girlfriend and I, seem to be blissfully ignoring Sweden's response of no-lockdown. We all paid very close attention when they were getting railed, but now that they are in the clear we ignore them. Super cool. I love the sound of this echo-chamber, don't you?

When it really comes down to it, COVID is the equivalent to a really bad flu. You don't shut down the entire world over the flu. That is something you'd reserve for an actual emergency like the Black Death with global fatality rates of 10-50% (assuming antibiotics didn't exist).

Tens of millions of people are going to die in this slow-moving train wreck over the next few years, I guarantee it. And guess what? The word COVID will not appear on the death certificate. The official narrative will be there was nothing we could do. But I guess everyone around here already knew that. Preaching to the choir. I guess the silver lining is that the conspiracy theorists were right again. Go figure.

The controlled demolition of the economy continues.

Pretty easy to justify automating everything while eliminating 90% of all jobs with those mean ol' viruses out there, don't you think? It's already in the works.


The Stupid

Have you guys seen this?

Apparently the 7th biggest Bitcoin wallet is "under constant attack" because there is an encrypted .dat file securing the private keys being sold on the dark web. Idiots are paying $1000 for this encrypted file. God, even smart people are dumb.

You have to resources to attempt to crack a Bitcoin wallet while at the same time willing to pay a grand just for the chance? This is the equivalent to replaying to email spam. I have some oceanfront property in Kansas I'd like to sell you, fools.

Think about it: if you control this Bitcoin wallet that has 69,370 BTC in it you ALREADY KNOW people are claiming there's a .dat file on the dark web with your private keys on it. It's public knowledge. Even I'm talking about it at this point.

So why would someone leave their $700M at risk when they can spend $3 and dump the money into a new wallet? Because it's obviously not at risk.


Either that file was encrypted correctly and extremely unhackable (maybe) or the file itself is fake (obviously). Here's the reality I choose to believe: The owner of the 7th largest Bitcoin wallet is very tech savvy and realized he could create a fake encrypted .dat file and make it look like his private keys were in the file. He then went on the dark web and offered to sell the fake encrypted .dat file as a joke for $1000.

The problem? Greedy idiots actually started buying it. Now he's laughing his ass off and not moving his money because that would put an end to the hilarious joke. Seriously how can people be so smart and so stupid at the same time. I include myself in that list.


I walked by a camera at work yesterday and guess what I saw? I was displayed on screen with a 6-foot green circle around me that turns red if my circle collides with anyone else's. This shit is getting out of control.

But at least LEO is going 10x, amirite? lol. Hopefully by the time shit really starts hitting the fan we acquire enough resources to justify our very existence. Something tells me not everyone will be so lucky.

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I saw LEO rocket congratulations on a great achievement. I read that no other 2nd layer token has surpassed it's parent before, so if that's true that's some history being made right there.

I've been looking into LEO and the leo miner, just curious, is that what gives LEO its value compared to hive?

Cheers !tip congrats again, also the msm will never admit they were wrong, even if it means their own demise

Pretty much all the HiveEngine tokens have miners (at least an option for them). "Virtual Mining" is essentially the same thing as self-upvoting. It's just inflation that gets returned directly to the investor. Like any other market, the only thing that gives LEO value is a combination of supply and demand. There's a lot of speculation going on because so much development is being done.

Hey Johney,

While I've taken a bit of forward looking license around possible future subscription services coming to LeoFinance, check out the why the LEO token has value section of this post.

Hopefully we'll see you around the community with a stake in the platform soon :)

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Coincidentally, I re-watched The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly recently. Hadn’t seen it for at least a few decades. Even better than I remembered. The trivia page at IMDB is quite extensive. Eli Wallach was almost killed twice during filming.

Buy food!

Not only will food show huge ROIs next year, but unlike all other investments, you CAN eat it.

We haven't even begun to see the tip of the iceberg in food shortages.
Further, The-Rona wave II is coming, and this time it will be in the food.
Expect to see lots of people getting sick.
And the culprit will be blamed on The-Rona Mk2, but it will be a bacteria placed in most of the big name food products.

Know where you food comes from. And if you are unsure, cook the shit out of it.


All the liberals, including my girlfriend and I, seem to be blissfully ignoring Sweden's response of no-lockdown. We all paid very close attention when they were getting railed, but now that they are in the clear we ignore them. Super cool. I love the sound of this echo-chamber, don't you?

Finland swiftly imposed a partial lockdown between mid-March and mid-May. No lockdown measures in place at the moment and the number of new cases is one of the lowest in Europe. Masks only used in public transportation. I don't think there will be any lockdowns any time soon. Sweden experienced a significant bump in total mortality (IIRC about 1.5 times the normal) in the spring when a lot of seniors and people with underlying conditions caught the virus. About 6000 to 7000 Swedes died of Covid-19. 300+ Finns have died of the same cause. Our population is half of that of Sweden's, 10 vs. 5.6 million.

Too little is known about the virus, yet. For example, nobody knows how prevalent it really is. But it is possible that the level of spread required for herd immunity is much lower than previously thought. That's because of the great variation in the likelihood of catching the virus and spreading it between different individuals in the population. If most of the so-called super-spreaders or those most susceptible becoming sick have already got it, then it is understandable why the number of those needing an ICU bed or dying of it is so low.

The plan is to bring back lockdown to a country near you.

I walked by a camera at work yesterday and guess what I saw? I was displayed on screen with a 6-foot green circle around me that turns red if my circle collides with anyone else's. This shit is getting out of control.

oh shit

Yes, I can't wait for my social credit score to start affecting my real life like we're in China.

first everyone laughed at china, now everyone realizes that their country aint better..

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But at least LEO is going 10x, amirite?

Oh, you're right ;)

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I should educate myself about yieldfarming but from the outside it looks increeeeeedibly shady, even for someone in crypto.

Sad when things are blacklisted or blocked, like you said, and computer nerds may take the time to get around those blockades. But yeah, that discourages and confuses the average Joe, not to be confused with Joe Biden, Joe Momma, or Oatmeal Joey. But yeah, lockdown is starving to death over 100 million people globally in 2020, an increase from the annual average of 20 million or so. Yeah, we've trying to warn people since January of 2020. I first saw it back then when Stefan Molyneux, Alex Jones, etc, were talking about it.