Just Spotted a Binance Lookalike scam beware and spread the word

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As I was researching crypto related stuff I came across the link to this giveaway

This led me to a live streaming video which the scammers are live streaming in a loop

The trick is that the text overlay on the video talks of a giveaway the link of which is in the description.
Upon opening the description
I see a scam unfold
Instead of some giveaway it reads to get the giveaway you need to send them 0.02 to 1 ETH or multiples thereof

In essence what it says is that Binance is doing a giveaway. in which if you hold and end 0.02 BTC or 1 or More ETH and send it to a address specified in the post they send you back a bigger amount as giveaway reward.

This is a fraud. There were tell-a-tale signs to spot this right away.

This is a sure shot sign of a fraud when you have to send money to get money

Before posting this article here I have checked the facts with Binance.com support team.
They have confirmed that there is no such Giveaway

Luckily the address listed to send BTC and ETH is still empty meaning so far no one got duped.

Update: I checked a while back the ETH address got 1 ETH a short while back. Is it a real person who got duped or are the scammers trying to create a booby trap?

An Appeal to fellow steemians

We steemians are at the forefront of crypto and right now I see the opportunity to save a lot of people from being duped. We can save people by spreading the word. So please share this post and spread the news.

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Please spread the word and do not be duped by this scam

20% proceeds go to @project.hope

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I think I've seen this before. I cannot believe people fall for this stuff. Anyway, hope no one falls for this.

I wish that people were wiser but checking the ETH and BTC addresses I find 3 people have already become victims

Thanks for sharing it, hope no one here falls for it.

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It looked too good to be true yet people are sending or shall I say throwing away their hard earned money/crypto at such scams. It hurts to say the least

I hope #cz_binance and #binance exchange will join steemit because justin sun is now on steemit

Good initiative, bro! I am resteeming it!

Thanks bro appreciate your stopping by and the resteem

Thanks for this timely alert. I hope that people do not fall for this cheap scam. Cheers!

I have seen a lot of this shit over the years, sad that some people fall for it

I'm sure they wouldn't get people this time round