Try that one when promoting Steem

in dtube •  8 months ago  (edited)

Lets play on human instinct. Those who know Steem, know it, but those who don't..... well we all know what happens when try and explain.

Why don't we play on the desires of want. More and more people know about crypto, most are still not buying. But f we spread the word of Steem as if it was an exclusive club. That Steem is it. Full stop.

Basically taking a leaf out of car marketing strategies:

" I have it. You don't" mentality. What do you do when we see others with it and we don't have it?

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I find talking to people about things like this, unless they're bringing it up, is like talking to a brick wall. They don't seem to care, think it's all stupid, don't anything about it & don't want to know anything about it. So I generally keep these things to myself now. If someone else brings it up, I'll converse.

Yeah I know that feeling, but we will be telling them in the future "I told you so.." Quick question, are you getting the feeling more and more people are hearing about cryptos. Some even talking about buying some. More aimed at BTC of course.

It seems like more people are hearing about it & talking about it. I haven't heard many in real life talking about it, but on the internet, absolutely.
Myself, I recently started looking more into this stuff & am getting a little more interested in it.

Nice approach dude. I think this will work better on people who are already into crypto. Someone who does not know shit about crypto probably will still be looking at me like I am crazy. Hahahaha.

I am anxiously waiting for the day that I can tell "I told you" to all those people.