Another target reached: 60 REP!

1 year ago
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I must say that Reputations 58 & 59 felt like forever...
But finally, I reached the 60!

After each reputation increase it becomes harder to increase the reputation, but I don't consider this as a problem as I will keep contributing...

With the introduction of #newsteem we see more and more curation efforts happening on #steem. Within a short period of time lots of groups announced they will be curating manually.

I can say that this has a very positive impact on the authors. Although with the #newstem the rewards split is changed, and the author will receive a less percentage, with manually curation being brought up to a next level the rewards will be higher than before I expect.

Also authors are encouraged to curate too, which helps building a network, and of course increase the interaction between people.

Overall it looks like this #newsteem started a very positive flow... Hope it continues like this!

Now it is time to increase these stats ;)