Powering Up 1000 STEEM! Another huge step towards Dolphin status

11 months ago
1 Min Read
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Although I missed the monthly SPUD and I didn't want to wait until the next months SPUD, I just decided to Power Up my account with 1000 STEEM to round my Steem Power to 4000.
That is just 1000 Steem away from reaching the Dolphin status.


I remember starting to blog here, looking around to discover how the platform works.
Following @paulag's Steem course, getting 50 SP delegated from her so that I could do more actions like posting, commenting etc.

Discovering more with @fitinfun's nice guideline posts to learn how to earn more SP by joining contests, using tags properly...

Comparing my posting, commenting and voting behavior with how others are doing with the Engagement and Curation League posts of @abh12345...

Learning about curation groups, actively participating to curate good content for @c-squared and @curie...

And now with writing travel posts, blogging about my thoughts, helping with curation of good content, helping with development projects on steem... I am trying to contribute to the improvement of this platform as well as growing my account.

Even if the markets are still bear, I see the huge potential Steem has.


With 4K SP and 61 reputation, I believe I am going good enough to make it to the Dolphin status soon...

I'd like to thank all who supported me until now. And just like I was guided by people when I got here, I also will support new accounts needing some guiding to find their way.

Have fun!