Simple Advertisements and the Steem Blockchain...

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Today I took a look at the contents of my favorites folder in my browser in order to clean old links to pages that I no longer visit.

I found several links to faucet pages that I used in the past and while I was wondering if I should delete them or not, I opened one of them, the traditional faucet of dogecoin called, don't worry there are no referral or anything like that...

For those who do not know how these faucets work, they simply "give away" a certain amount of tokens every so often.

You just have to click on the "claim" button and solve a certain puzzle to prove that "you are human" , nothing complicated but it is certainly a system that has come to popularize crypto for a long time, almost since BITCOIN was invented.

But what has shocked me the most today has not been to verify that these traditional faucets are still functional, but that they are also full of advertising about crypto.


At a glance only in this faucet, you can see advertising from:

  • Brave BROWSER
  • Windice
  • Hodium
  • Dogeminers

and a long list of links and more links to crypto content and, of course, some scam webs as well...

Not only that, you also have tutorials and explanations about the crypto world, answering the basic questions to get started.


It is simple, but works...

I do not want to compare STEEM blockchain with DOGECOIN at all.

I do not like this advertising model at all but it is clear that the model works, at least for DOGECOIN and for all those crypto that use it, including BITCOIN, LITECOIN, DASH, BITCOIN CASH that don't seem to have lost as much audience as we did...

These faucets are still the gateway to the crypto world for many people, it is more than clear but we, the STEEM blockchain, seem to refuse to use any advertising tool, whether good or bad, of low or high quality...

Why the hell steem, steemit or palnet or steemleo do not have a banner there?

Why don't we have a "come and try the #newsteem" ad?

If not inserted on those famous faucets, why not at Twitter? or Blockfolio? or cryptocompare?

What do we lose if we do it?

Our dignity or what?

Come on guys, we need to be visible, and now more than ever.

And really, I just don't understand why steemit doesn't dedicate a developer to make it happen...

I have participated months ago in the debate about if it was good or not adding advertisement at the steemit frontend in order to allow them some extra funds. I fully supported that idea, I agree 100% with that, despite I don't like publicity there!
Now I can see at steemit the very same ads appearing in the faucet... and where is the banner of steemit in the faucet?

We should launch a proposal to dedicate funds with this goal !!!

We should stop doubting about our potential, but, sorry, we have the best blockchain, let's advertise ourselves while developing our destiny!

Development, improvements and the like are the most important matter of this blockchain but, don't forget that we MUST sell the product as well!

It's all I have to say today, sorry for that...


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It's of no use to just praise our blockchain among us if outside of it almost nobody knows about its existence. A good way of advertising would be youtube also but unfortunately nowadays there aren't as many youtubers as in 2017 talking about good crypto projects. There must be some of them posting in here as well that could at least mention once in a while about Steem. I admit though that I couldn't bring not one friend in here. Actually I did but he only posted a few times like he would on twitter and haven't seen him around here for more than a year. We could as well fund raise for the cause.

It cannot depend only on us, it should depend also on the developers and big stakeholders here

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