First Steps of 2020

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         Happy New Year's I guess?

         Not that it matters since I worked the last couple of days. I am actually exhausted. Next time, I should reconsider getting off for one week and then interject the break with work. The good news, is I get to have another week off now.

         To start the year, I decided to power up a minuscule amount of 50 STEEM for fun. That bumps me to 10K SP. To think at one point that having this much SP was more than the current $0.13 vote. Those were the days.



         Is it worth it to be still invested in this platform? It's anyone's guess. At the very worst, I could say I gave it a shot and it didn't work out. At the very least, it's been quite a journey. I started on Steem in March of 2018. I do feel I have done much better than I had anticipated over the course of 21 months.


         As you can see, I did purchase most of my Steem Power. But, it was nice to be able to earn some through posting and other stuff on the chain. I have only ever sold several hundred STEEM throughout my stay here, and I don't like SBDs.

         I have converted (not traded) most of my SBDs into STEEM. I hope more people do the same with theirs because the debt ratio is ridiculous. I mean, the DAO is printing SBDs like a mad machine, and we have SBD potato trying to counter it? It seems like unequal forces at play here.

         (I know there are other initiatives, but the point stands.)

debt ratio.PNG

         At any rate, looks like the SP per MVest is still increasing. I suppose that makes powering up seem worthwhile. Then again, no one knows the future, and right now, it's hoping for the best.

         So many people had wished STEEM could be cheaper back when it was over $1. Now is either an opportunity or a time to catch that dead cat's bounce. There are ways to be profitable regardless of price if you put your mind into it.

         With that said, I do hope to add another 5000 STEEM to my possession this year. That is, if there will be no sharp uptrend this year. But, things like this are possible in the crypto world. So, be on the look out.

         No financial advice, though. This is all pure fun for kicks and giggles.

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Curation earnings could use some help. Get another 10,000 be the Orca. 😉

I'm pretty sure I'm like 40K away, no?

Oh may bad. I thought 20K was Orca.

Congrats, & thanks for the upvote! Glad we're on the same side these days! Happy New Year!!
I think it's worth it to be here and times get good and times get bad, this is the lower end of the spectrum, so it's normal to second guess. As long as we're still making STEEM and having fun doing it we win!!

Good start to a new year.




@wongshiying 老王 迎着台风 开着卡车 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


My approach has always been to keep investments/savings in PoW and have fun and explore the cutting edge approach of DPoS; buying any needed stake to satisfy that approach.

DPoS first found a solution to scalability and offered fee free lightning fast transactions. They additionally offered to put a personality to hash addresses and a communucation/social media system for the community to talk to one another which had not been seen since bitcointalk's low tech solution.

Not yet four years old and taken off life support with MIRA's release, STEEM is now poised to grow on a truly decentralized grass roots level.



Even if you are way more optimistic than most people.

Thanks for joining us for #spud Happy New Year 2020!

Thanks for stopping by!

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20 MVests!

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