Inevitable Migration

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Yesterday the news regarding the purchase of Steemit by Tron's patron/CEO came like a blast and nobody recovered from it I guess. I personally find it hard to do, because deep down, no matter what the AMA will reveal, I know that Steem will never be the same and I know that THIS, what we currently have, might have its days numbered.

No matter how much I try to interpret the acquisition and how much some of us are working on to preserve Steem as it is, the direction is clear and it was right before my eyes, when I passed forward the news yesterday. I guess I was too disgusted to pay attention to details and that's why I was still hoping for the Steem blockchain and token to remain as they are. It was stated clear though by cryptopotato...

The old STEEM token will be transitioned to a new TRON-based STEEM token. There will be a giveaway to existing TRX users who will receive the STEEM token that’s based on TRON’s network. There will also be an accelerator program for the developer community.

I will take it out of context and make it bold enough to be clear what the intention is: The old STEEM token will be transitioned to a new TRON-based STEEM token. Hence the question is why even think of the possibility for Steem to remain as it is? There is hope from witnesses, but if they won't have enough sustainability from forking Steem and leave the Inc with its share, while cruising the Steem ship forward than we don't have a future anymore, the way we currently are.

Some don't even want that I guess, and I understand them. They hold plenty of Steem and would rather flow with the system than leaving it behind and dump their holdings for pennies. I can't figure out how exactly the old Steem will be transitioned, and if it will be room left for witnesses in this transition, but I don't see this community too tied together to fight for Steem Classic, or should I say the #oldsteem.

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It's about money after all ,and one would rather "change companies" than embrace unemployment. Forking Steem if that is possible won't have any guarantees that the token will still have a place on the market and that's what I talked about in my last post as well.

Hence, the way I see it, the migration is almost inevitable. Some, probably won't embrace the #newsteem, but the ones that can make a living out of it, and don't feel like searching for alternatives, will for sure migrate. A bitter taste might accompany them but they will. Look at what happened with youtubers after the censorship saga left them with suspended accounts for a few days. Have they left youtube for good? NO. They wined a bit about the situation and they continue creating content over there.

There's still enough room for milking and they aren't convinced decentralization punks yet. They just pretend that. They just like to talk on youtube videos about different projects, shill some of their bags, earn some money from advertising, and live on with the centralized streaming platform. It's all about money after all, to be honest. That's why I believe many will migrate to Steem Tron, if there won't be any option left for the #oldsteem.

Time will tell, and it won't take long till things will get clearer. I doubt that the scheduled AMA will bring any different perspective besides the ones that we already have, and that were actually right under our noses in the news reports. How much clarity than this, do you need? The old STEEM token will be transitioned to a new TRON-based STEEM token...

Don't like that at all, but have no power in changing anything. Whether I will keep on going with this Steem, or the future one, I have no clue now, but for sure I will like to keep in touch with some of you in the future. You can find me on twitter and publish0x so if you feel like connecting with me give a follow and I'll follow you back. I really like some of the virtual friendships that I made in here. Some are way more valuable and uplifting than my $200 worth of Steem... Wish you the best!

Thanks for attention,

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In my opinion we should just listen to the AMA and stay calm for now

I'd rather read the posts of the ones watching the AMA. I don't want to hear neither sun nore ned. I get your point though.

The transition of the Steem token to a Tron based One is defintely whay Sun wants. A Tweet from Poloniex stating they will run the transition and re-instate Steem wallets as well as deposits is 100% clear.

I also think most of the users will go along woth whatever changes will be made. Its human nature. Switching to some other platform means rebuilding what one had already; Means uncertainty. Even when Steemit will become more central; Most users dont mind; Its only a niche who wants decentralisation.

Exactly. Don't blame them, but I don't know if I will migrate. I am 100% that Steem will never be the same once that happen. If that becomes a reality and it will get centralized at least they can get rid of downvotes, reputation score and public wallets. You can get rid of spam and abusers by imposing rules. The situation now is full of uncertainty though.

Usually in financial markets, uncertainty is not good for the value of assets. Hope this will not be the case for Steem. bad can it get...
It's not like you lost Ned, while he was working so hard for the platform...
Me personally,I don't think that anything too dramatic will happen.

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I don't like the situation. Didn't like when ned powered down and cashed out and didn't like what's happening now either. We'll see what will really happen and what changes will the new steem tron bring.

I'll say it again... It can't get worst!
Doar ești prea conservativ...😎

Probabil. Ma uimeste justin asta cat e de prost. Numai ce am terminat de urmarit AMA ala si pana si pe ned il bufnea rasul cand il vedea ce prost e. Asta nici nu stie ce a cumparat. Vorba lu Chelloo, daca eram mai prost eram fericit

Și eu am urmărit...dar nu ma mirat nimic...
O vad tot timpul,mai ales în politică
De la Trump încoace,nu mă mai uimește nimic!