Is OpenLedger a scam?

12 months ago
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The answer is definitely no... it was communicated (source) that they will close down gateways and how long customers have time to withdraw.



Are they godawful at communicating?

First of all, I only found a news post + reddit post - which is okay - dated to 6th of August.

In the post they give their customers time until 19th August to withdraw, which is super bad in my opinion. Only two weeks? Was there a popup news on the trading interface, at least?

If not, it's super bad communication, but definitely not a scam.

Two weeks is definitely not enough time for making your customers aware!


Not your keys, not your coins. And if you lost money in this, the blame is not only on OpenLedger... Think about it.

Secure & Anonymous VPN - Uploadfilter? Censorship? No Thanks!


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