'Around the Block' with @vandeberg, Steemit Inc's Senior BC Engineer - Episode 3

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Around the Block

This week we have a real treat. Our guest will be @vandeberg, Steemit Inc.'s Senior Blockchain Engineer, a.k.a. Michael Vandeberg. Micheal will be live with us to answer your questions and give us insight on blockchain development. We will be chatting about Steem Proposal System, HardFork 21, Smart Media Tokens and much, much more from Around the Block.

If you have specific questions for @vandeberg please put them in the comments of this post and we will try and get to them during the live show.


Around the Block is hosted by @jedigeiss and @buckydurddle. Each week Jedi and Bucky will interview a new member of the Steemit Inc. team. Team members will provide us with an intimate insider’s view the blockchain, current events and plans for the future.


Listen to the show

Around the Block airs Wednesdays at 7-8PM UTC on the PAL Discord, but there are multiple ways you can check out the show.

  • You can listen to Around the Block on the PAL discord - Listen here

  • For a better listening experience you can tune into to MSPwaves.com - Listen here.

Interact with the guests

Around the Block is an interactive show. So join into the PAL Discord audience text chat to add to the discussion, ask questions or just keep on top of the community chit-chat.
Text Chat Here

See you at the show!!

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Looking forward to this one!

!remind-me in 14 hours

  ·  last year (edited)

what at 4.30am? who get up that early lol. hope it's recorded

I work overnight, so it's perfect :)

Yes, we will be recording the show and making it available ASAP.

This is great, it's time to get involved